Spring into Good Vibes!


Spring is all about renewal!

Oh My God! I am so excited for a new season! it has been a long winter/year and my soul has been dreaming of springs promise for new beginnings and new seeds of intentions to be planted. There is something magical about life around this time of year, the flowers are blooming, the trees are turning green and life seems so much more alive. It is a time of awakening, the spirit within us is ready to bloom with ideas, creations and goals.

I am ready for a change! Are you?

There is no time like the present to create the flow of abundance we desire so let us get our intentions and plans set and our thoughts and feelings aligned. As we await the season of change it is important to sit down and reflect upon what we really feel in our hearts it is time to do and then make a new commitment to our lives in every way we can.


Set Your Intentions And Visions Right Now

If you do not have a journal I suggest you get one, it helps you to get your visions and intentions clear and clean so you can set out the steps and actions you need to to take. Journaling is a powerful way to hold yourself accountable and to be able to go back and see what you have set out to do, what you have accomplished and how things have unfolded for you.

Make a plan, be flexible and open-minded, but stay on course! What do your intentions look like? In the past have you veered off of the path with distractions and challenges? Learn the lessons and grow! This is the perfect time to recommit to your goals and dreams as well as make new ones.

Not everything will work out as planned, there are obstacles and challenges along the way. On my path, I have learned to lean with faith on the Universe and my spiritual strength which has allowed me to know when to keep pushing and when to change direction and revise my plans.

Ways To Set Intentions Through Journaling
  • Get clear on your goals and intentions.
  • Write with an empowering mind and open heart.
  • Focus on your strengths and talents to help you with steps.
  • Ask yourself daily how do you want to feel.
  • Write about what you feel is blocking you and then do some problem solving on how you can start from within to open some doors.
  • Plant a seed, one intention for the next three months and nurture it. Ask the Universe to help you with it.




Clean Up, Clear Out and Declutter!

I get this wicked urge to “spring clean” every year and it makes me feel so good inside when it is done! There is something powerful about cleaning up, clearing out and getting my space open and inviting for new growth. This doesn’t just mean my physical space, it is also about my mental and emotional space too.

Clean out your physical clutter! get the dust off the shelves and the clothes out of the closet. Rearrange your furniture, get rid of heavy colours and add some spring hues. Go through your cupboards, your garages, and anything that has been holding things like “junk” and “stuff”, let go of what has been taking up space. Organize! make it clean and neat!

When I spring clean I use this reflection: Those old jeans I am holding onto in case I fit one day need to go! Why would I want to keep looking at the old me trying to fit those jeans again..I want new jeans. 

Emotionally, get your shit together! Please don’t take that the wrong way, but do take it as a fire that needs to be lit under your butt! You and only you can help yourself mentally and emotionally so if you know you need to deal with some things, stop putting it off or not caring enough to do something about it. There is nothing easy about helping ourselves to thrive, heal and reinvent who we are, but the road to get there is beautiful and enlightening.

Mentally clear out old belief systems and unhealthy mindsets. take your thoughts and start using them to empower yourself and your intentions.

Things You Can Do To Create New Growth
  • Review and evaluate your relationship with yourself, get your values and core beliefs aligned with your highest good.
  • Remove items and possessions that hold heaviness, sadness, and grief. Items can hold energy and memories that keep us trapped in the past.
  • Renew your commitments to your health and wellbeing.
  • If you need to forgive, move on or let go, make a step towards this.
  • Ask, reach out, surround yourself with supportive people and environments.
  • Learn something new.




Love, Inspire, Empower

Setting intentions, clearing out the clutter and creating a vision are all great ways to spring into abundance but if you are not coming from a place of love, inspiration and empowerment you may find yourself feeling more like quitting instead of thriving.

So make the choice today to align with your inner happiness and abundance. I know it can be hard, I once was a woman who let her thoughts and emotions be ruled by her experiences of the past, especially those that hurt me, broke me and made me feel like a victim. I saw what I was doing to myself when I chose these disempowering thoughts and emotions and I decided to do something about it.

What Do You Want To Feel?

In the situation where you can feel sad or happy, what would you choose? what about between being angry or at peace? It is important to understand that abundance is not something you find, it is something you create and it happens from within.

It is valuable to know you have a choice and that is what I tell myself when I find I am leaning on the negative side of things.

Ways You Can Love More
  • Choose to release negative feelings and ask yourself to replace them with wellbeing.
  • Return to love as quickly as possible.
  • Get to know your fears, welcome their wisdom.
  • Think with your soul and not with your ego.
  • Give love to your dreams, visions, and intentions. Really commit to empowering them.
Ways You Can Inspire
  • Care! plain and simple.
  • Empower yourself and others.
  • Lead with positive energy.
  • Look at the simple things in life that inspire you.
  • Live by choice, not by chance.
  • Be authentic and true to yourself.

Ways You Can Empower

  • Use mantras and affirmations.
  • Choose a daily message and thought to help you stay focused.
  • Excel at your strengths.
  • Help others with your light.
  • Meditate, find a place for peace and vision work.
  • Ground yourself, stay balanced and focused on wellness.
  • Get connected to your spiritual side. Faith, Universe, God, Angels – there is a higher power looking out for you.




Cultivate Healthy Habits & Lifestyles 

Cultivating healthy habits and lifestyles takes a lot of commitment from us, as I like to say, it is not a diet or quick fix you should be looking for, instead, you need to desire the healthy lifestyle that brings abundance into your life.

Creating a daily habit/ritual to help keep you grounded and focused one way to attract more abundance into your life. I like to meditate, journal and listen to meditation music in the background to get my day going. Starting in a peaceful place keeps my day flowing. When I miss a day I really get off track and feel overwhelmed and it affects my experiences and interactions with life and people.

Get back to the basics, take a break from what the outer world wants from you and get back to you! Personalize your approach on life, if you want a better lifestyle, get personal about it. Why do you want it? Why do you need it? Know yourself better.

Give your lifestyle a purpose such as to support your life goals.

  • Take better care of your body – what you eat, drink and nurture yourself with is important.
  • Take care of your money. Budget, plan and respect its presence in your life.
  • Find a workshop or class that teaches something about health, wellness, spirituality or wellbeing.
  • Work on your goals daily.
  • Be willing to change with change.
  • Build partnerships and alliances.
  • Grow self-confidence.


Happy Season Of Change!


Naomi Mailhot - Author

Certified Life Coach from Rhodes Wellness College and a Spiritual Guide & Medium based in Sherwood Park, AB, Naomi offers a holistic approach encompassing wellness, business, personal, and spiritual coaching. She understands the power of small steps toward authenticity and overcoming fear; she is here to help guide you in rising to meet the SAGE within you.