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But first, let me thank you all,

It is an absolute honour to be a guide and share my wisdom, healing, and empowerment through the light. I deeply appreciate all of my clients and greatly respect their journeys. Each person’s path is unique, and I feel immense gratitude for being a part of their miraculous journeys.

As a guide, I aim to provide compassionate support and understanding, recognizing that everyone faces challenges and struggles. I am committed to being a source of inspiration and strength, helping my clients navigate their paths with clarity and confidence.

My heart is filled with gratitude for the opportunity to witness the growth and transformation that occurs within each individual. Nothing is more rewarding than witnessing the positive changes as my clients embrace their inner power and step into their true potential.

I am dedicated to fostering a safe, nurturing space where healing and growth can flourish. With love and empathy, I will continue to guide and uplift those who seek my support, empowering them to unlock the miracles within their souls.


Raves & Testimonials

In Their Own Words


Beautifully soothing.

I’ve had numerous readings from Numerologists, Psychics, Mediums, and must say that Naomi overwhelming ranks among the top. Her natural, God given gift is just beautifully soothing. She understood me and spoke the words , delivered the messages I needed to hear. She’s gentle, honest and solid. I appreciate her and I know my family in Heaven also, enjoyed our session. Treat yourself to a session. Fabulous soul.

Rene P


Bang On

Naomi is incredibly talented! She is bang on in her readings with me and I have taken the Intuition and Angel card reading workshop with her which is fantastic and I totally recommend for anyone looking for confirmation!! Thank you Naomi!!

Lori G


Changed my life

Naomi has literally changed my life. She opened my eyes in a way that no one else ever has and led me to make changes I never thought I’d be able to make. Her insight, wisdom, and abilities blow me away every single session I have with her. Naomi’s sessions are worth every single dollar

Danette P



Highly recommend taking courses with Naomi. I was captivated from the very beginning. The 4 hours flew by. I took a ton of notes. drove 2 hours home. happy. reflecting on my day. Opened my notes, and I was sad I didn’t take more. Can’t wait for a book!!! Thanks, Naomi, for motivating me! Going to use my new tools every day!


– Niki Underwood (Workshops)

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