Group Readings
& Special Events

Bring healing, empowerment & connection to any group, special event or retreat.

Bring healing, empowerment and connection to you!

 I offer a unique and intutive experience to any occasion, whether personal, business or wellness.

Book Your Group Readings and Special Events as well as Wellness Retreats/Workshops with

Naomi Mailhot

Spiritual Guide, Medium & Certified Alignment Life Coach

Group readings in the comfort of your own home

Transformational Workshops to inspire & empower

Wellness Days/Retreats

Bridal parties, birthdays or special occasions

Sage bundles and flowers - Group Readings and Special Events with Naomi Mailhot


Group Sessions, Events & Retreats

Find Healing, Empowerment & Spiritual Connection with Naomi

Group Readings and Special Events

Bring healing, empowerment and connection to you!

Group readings in the comfort of your home surrounded by friends and family.

Transformation workshops to inspire and empower change in your life.

Wellness Days or Retreat services for the mind, body and spirit. Bring a spiritual and intuitive aspect to your event.

Book your private group meditation and sound bowl journey with your friends, family or even for business wellness days.

Bridal parties, birthdays, get-togethers and special occasion bookings are available as well.

*Please note: There may also be a travel cost, depending on the location of the group session. Please check with Naomi for more details and bookings.


Pricing Varies Per Group/Event

Contact Naomi for more info.

Sacred Self
3 Day Retreat

Uncover your Sacred Self and activate your connection to Creator & Universe through divine healing, empowerment and spiritual practices.

Unleash your INNER POWER as you create a pathway to your inner GUIDE & INTUITION. Learn how to:

  • Embody your spiritual power
  • Build a deeper CONNECTION to your soul’s journey
  • Uncover a purposeful way of living & being yourself
  • Deepen your spiritual practice
  • Illuminate the sacred POWER WITHIN YOU

⇒ Gain wisdom in spiritual tools and practices that help connect you with Creator and Universe.

⇒ Learn how to use sage medicine and light energy to enhance your soul journey.

Manifest through intentional sacred energy and build stronger visions for your mind, body and spirit.

Group Bookings Available. If you would like to bring this to your community, please email me for details on how to get things started.

This is a weekend journey that starts Friday and ends Sunday.


Pricing Varies Per Group/Event

Contact Naomi for more info.

My Clients

What They Have To Say

With love and gratitude I appreciate all of my clients 


I don’t think I would ever be able to find the words to properly express all that I have walked away with from my session with Naomi.  She truly is a genuine, supportive, empathetic, non-judgmental and encouraging individual, who through her own healing journey and life path has helped me in ways I never thought possible. Her connection with you reaches the depth of your soul in an unfathomable way.  I truly believe whichever reason you are reaching out to Naomi, you will walk away from your time with her with far more than you could ever expect to.

Naomi if you are reading this, I yet again want to thank you for not only bringing an immense amount of peace into my life; yet for the first time in an extremely long time…I have the ambition and drive to move forward in life.

Amanda D

Loved Ones Passed Connection

Just got back from a class with Naomi and I feel, just, unreal!! Would highly recommend anything she does (my friend also had a psychic reading with her today and said the same thing) 💞💞💞 From the bottom of my heart: thank you Naomi!
Samantha V

Events & Workshops

What a wonderful, wonderful soul. I waited to write my testimonial because I wanted to say this the right way?… I was so impressed with my reading. She had made me think about my life. My choices. She helped me heal in unexpected ways. It really choked me up, I found myself quite emotional. As I’m shy to be emotional with ppl I don’t know. She even connected with my young son. It was something amazing to watch. I’ll never ever forget it…. She reminded me of things I hadn’t thought about for years. About my grandma… I am so thankful….. Thank you so much… You have done much more than you think and I thank you!!

Dannie B

Guidance & Insight Session + Intuitive Coaching