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Sage Bold


I believe in the inner power we hold


That we are the medicine


Together we are the change


The Sage within is transformational


Never Felt so Empowered

I have never felt so empowered, inspired and at peace in my life since I started working with Naomi.
This has been a really emotionally exhausting year for my family, from a stressful divorce to my Fiancé/soulmate unexpectedly passing. She has connected me with several loved ones from the other side and is currently coaching me.

After our sessions, I feel completely supported and validated; she has helped me set goals and begin healing so much, so I have not seen my psychologist since I started my coaching sessions with her. She has taken me out of a deep dark hole and given me hope again.

I can never thank her or explain how much she has changed my life and helped me change my kids’ lives. I know the universe sent me her, and I will always be so beyond grateful; she feels like family.

– Stephanie (Coaching & Loved Ones Passed Sessions)


The REAL Deal!

Exceptional facetime reading with Naomi where several loved ones came through. Much to my surprise, she re-iterated something that was told to me by a psychic-medium I saw 21 yrs ago. Naomi was able to bring forth information I had specifically requested from my loved ones and had written it down on paper prior to the reading. She’s the real deal. Thank you for such a healing session.

– Alli DM (Sessions)


Genuine, Supportive & Empathetic!

I don’t think I would ever be able to find the words to properly express all that I have walked away with from my session with Naomi.

She truly is a genuine, supportive, empathetic, non-judgmental and encouraging individual, who through her own healing journey and life path has helped me in ways I never thought possible. Her connection with you reaches the depth of your soul in an unfathomable way.

I truly believe whichever reason you are reaching out to Naomi, you will walk away from your time with her with far more than you could ever expect to.

Naomi if you are reading this, I yet again want to thank you for not only bringing an immense amount of peace into my life; yet for the first time in an extremely long time…I have the ambition and drive to move forward in life.

– Amanda D. (Loved Ones Passed Sessions)