Riding the Waves – Simple Perspectives for Your Emotional Health

Riding the Waves – Simple Perspectives for Your Emotional Health

“You are the healing, the healer and the healed. Your sensitivity is your divinity”.

— Naomi Mailhot

I am sure you have been told many times before that your emotional and mental health are important, and more often than not we tend to forget to take care of it. This is not because you are not listening, but instead it may be due to the belief you are carrying that your wellness is not as important as that something or someone else you have put first.

We don’t live in a supportive system and this became crystal clear during these past few years. Many of you realized that life needed more than just a day to day routine, and your wellness required more than you knew how to give sometimes. We get taught how to float on by when it comes to mental and emotional health and it is important more now than ever to teach ourselves how to ride the waves like a pro.

Emotional health requires you to be present each day in what comes forward to you. This doesn’t mean you always need to take physical action, it is more important to simply acknowledge your emotional and mental health needs and then go from there.

Your wellness is ultimately looking for more…

More rest, peace, healing, love, truth, reflection and authenticity.

On this journey we encounter many moments of impact that affect our emotional health and it is important to ride the waves…

Random waves of emotion are not so random. Everyday you are absorbing life and moving through emotions, most of the time on auto pilot. So when a random wave of emotion washes over you, take your time, slow down. You may be experiencing a release that your soul has initiated. This can be from a memory, loss, a change in life, or even something you have seen that has triggered you in some way.

The thing about these waves is that they are here to help you release and receive a moment of truth, authenticity and healing. As you look at your emotions and bring them closer to you rather than pushing them away, you will begin to notice their power in your life.

The loss doesn’t mean you are alone, it means things are changing and you have closed a chapter to enter into a new one. Hold space for new beginnings and energy as you respect and appreciate what you have.

The grief doesn’t stand for darkness and despair, instead it represents transformation and an experience so deep that it has changed you forever. These changes can be liberating. Grief is a lesson in life about how much we need to bring healing to our journey.

The anger is not who you are but what you feel powerless to. Which means anger is the moment you get to choose what you will carry forward with you on this journey.

The sadness is not forever, but it an ebb and flow. Which means when it flow you must allow it to release and heal as you go. When it ebbs you must enjoy the simple things, hold gratitude and space for the light.

We also have waves of happiness, joy, awe, inspiration and so much more. These are our support waves. We use these emotions, moments and experiences to help bring us through each day of our lives.

Happiness is cultivated, joy is unleashed and inspiration is welcomed… You get to embody all of these by choice.

You also have this incredible spirit within you, a miracle of life force energy. When you begin to acknowledge this fully and embrace it, you are better able to ride those waves.

Things you can do to help you ride these waves:

  • Call in your Spirit to lead the way as you let your emotions come forward.
  • Take a self-care day to help you reconnect and recharge.
  • Honor those feelings even if sometimes you doubt yourself! You have to trust your feelings as they show you where you need to help your mental and emotional health.
  • Have patience, be observant and let your mind and heart be open to transformations.
  • Adapt! don’t hold on for dear life. Sometimes you need to let go and initiate your inner strength.
  • Focus on the solutions you have to work with and trust that there will always be more.
  • Build stronger belief systems and mindsets that support wellness and balance on all levels.
  • Trust the journey and empower it! You have choices to make and lessons to learn. You are never at a final destination.
  • Read a good book! watch a self empowering seminar! Bring knowledge to the journey.

Naomi Mailhot - Author

Certified Life Coach from Rhodes Wellness College and a Spiritual Guide & Medium based in Sherwood Park, AB, Naomi offers a holistic approach encompassing wellness, business, personal, and spiritual coaching. She understands the power of small steps toward authenticity and overcoming fear; she is here to help guide you in rising to meet the SAGE within you.