Loved Ones In Spirit Connection


Are you wanting to connect to your loved ones who passed to bring closure, guidance and peace to your healing journey? 

Our loved ones above are only a heart call away. So let us connect and receive their love, wisdom, guidance, peace and strength on the journey to help you heal and empower your life. 

Connect with your Loved Ones for healing and peace.

In the Loved Ones Passed Connection service, I offer a unique and compassionate experience aimed at fostering healing, empowerment, and love through connecting with your departed loved ones. This goes beyond a mere session for receiving messages; it is about creating a sacred space for your emotional well-being.

 Healing Space: I provide a safe and sacred environment where you can explore connections with your loved ones who have passed away.

Empowerment and Love: Through the connection with your loved ones, I aim to bring forth a sense of empowerment, providing guidance and support to navigate life's moments.

Wellness Priority: Recognizing the weight and potential trauma associated with such experiences, I prioritize your wellness and healing. The process is tailored to ensure that you only receive what you are ready for. I understand the sensitivity of these moments and approach each session with care and empathy.

Emotional Support: I am here to support you throughout the emotional journey. Whether it's grief, joy, or a mix of emotions, I provide a compassionate ear and guidance to help you process and navigate your feelings.

Light-filled Connections: Your loved ones always come through with the light. The focus is on positive and uplifting connections that bring comfort and reassurance. The intention is to create an experience that leaves you with a sense of peace and connection.

Take the first step towards a heartfelt connection, schedule your session with Naomi and embrace the powerful healing energy that awaits.

 $260 / 50 min Connection

$320/ 2 people 



How to be in Alignment with Your Inner Power

How to be in Alignment with Your Inner Power

Aligning with your inner power is a journey of self-discovery and conscious choices. Live authentically, express your true self, and access consciousness in daily life to cultivate this connection.