Intuitive Living: The Authentic Path

Intuitive Living: The Authentic Path

In the past, I used to make decisions without my authenticity in the lead, living a life of routine and disconnection, often caught up in too much thinking and not enough intuitive feeling. I would often do what I thought was “right” over what truly resonated with my core, steering myself away from authenticity. Whether it was convincing myself that a certain path was correct even though I could feel it was not, or clouding my truth with this need to be evertything the external forces wanted me to be, I found comfort it the habits and patterns that kept me afloat. Fearful of change, I frequently chose to cope with the familiar, even as my intuition persistently nudged me to listen to what my authenticity was saying.

As you know, those fears can be remarkably overwhelming, hindering our journey toward genuine self-discovery.

Those moments of hindsight, where I wished I had trusted my gut or listened to that inner voice, became more frequent as I drifted away from my authenticity. The times when a subtle nudge was ignored left me questioning, “Why didn’t I trust myself? What was holding me back?” The realization that I couldn’t fully trust myself bothered me, vividly exposing the gap between my unhealed side and living authentically to who I truly am. I began to wonder about the missing piece between who I was and who I wanted to be. I knew how I felt even when I said I didn’t. I knew my thoughts even when they were overwhelming. I knew my pain even when I covered it up. I knew my fears and also my strengths. Yet, I ignored my authenticity that tugged at me through intuitions, not because I wanted to but because I didnt allow myself the opportunity to connect in and see who I really was deep down.

Being tough on ourselves for missing those signals of authenticity is common, yet I’ve come to appreciate the value in building trust through those experiences. It’s like examining what we brushed aside and witnessing how it all plays out – a enlightening journey I feel, that helps us to tap into the genuine guidance of our intuitions.

Without those instances of overlooking our authenticity, we wouldn’t fully grasp how spot on our intuition can be.

To clarify, intuition isn’t about being right; it’s about being in tune and connected. It serves as a conduit for wisdom and divine guidance, not always predicting outcomes but rather understanding the energy and the bigger picture for the greater good. Your intuition empowers you, even in the face of challenges, revealing the support of your authentic self and the potential transformative impact of those changes.

Think of intuition as a link to wisdom and divine guidance, intricately connected to your authentic power. It maintains its divinely guided stance and directs you towards your authenticity. By acknowledging and learning from those moments where we brushed off our inner guidance, we strengthen our connection with intuition, letting it guide us toward a more aligned and authentic life.

Embracing your authenticity as it arises can directly activate your intuition even more.

What does this mean? It’s about connecting into your truths, thoughts, emotions, and internal needs and desires before making decisions. Saying yes to something when your entire intuitive being says no, or agreeing to something that doesn’t align with your inner core, isn’t authentic. Trust me, even when you claim “I don’t know,” you do know, you inherently understand yourself better than anyone else ever could.

Reflecting on my journey, I recall numerous instances where I veered away from my true self and intuition, compelled by the need to fit in, survive, or cope. A profound lesson in authenticity and intuition unfolded during many of the periods in my life when I turned to drugs to navigate through my traumas. Despite every fiber of my being resisting the choice to use those drugs, an unhealed part of me said yes to them. Looking back, I understand that my choice stemmed from a disconnection to my authenticity, fueled by doubts, fears, and lingering traumas. This highlights the crucial importance of prioritizing what aligns with our core for authentic decision-making.

Authenticity is the practice of embodying your truest form of self and aliging with the actions, thoughts, feelings and energies that support life, oneself, and all connections. It is a soulful calling, resonating with the pursuit of inner truth, peace, and love. Being authentic involves listening to your whole self and choosing to step into this power, thereby unlocking your intuition and creating pathways of growth and evolution. It’s the beauty of listening to the subtle nudges of your inner voice, trusting your gut instincts, and navigating the journey of self-discovery with self-compassion. In clearing the blocks that hinder self-trust, authenticity becomes the bridge that aligns you with the life you love where you feel more like yourself.

So how can you live authentically guided by the power of your intuition?

Embrace Your Present Self by honouring and accepting who you are in the moment. Your authenticity is linked with your intuition and that inner connection will help you align with the path that resonates. Take a moment to identify your authentic needs. Consider what genuinely nurtures and satisfies you on a fundamental level. Tune into those feelings, thoughts, and emotions that provide support. Your inner voice won’t judge, dismiss, or label you for listening to your intuition’s authentic guidance. Instead, you’ll feel a gentle push of support, empowerment, and clarity. Trust in this process, and honor what truly resonates with your core.

Listen To Your Intuitive Senses – Trust the energy; your internal compass is always activated. You sense when things feel aligned or when they’re a bit off. You’re attuned to subtle energies. You possess a knowing that resonates within you, or an idea, vision, or thought that brings a sense of understanding or direction. You can hear an inner voice guiding you. These are your core intuitive senses – I feel, I know, I see, I hear.

Trust the way your soul speaks to you with an open heart and mind. Believe in those inner truths and listen to the inner callings from within that urge you to heal, grow, and find your way to inner peace. Even in the face of grief, sadness, or loss, your inner guidance holds wisdom and knowledge to guide you through. Remember, you are not defined by grief, sadness, or unhappiness; you know them. This recognition empowers you to shift your energy toward where you want to take yourself.

Connect with the bigger picture, reminding yourself that there is something more guiding you to step into your power at all times. Even in the life we perceive we have to live, whether dictated by familial, cultural, religious, or societal expectations, it’s crucial to step outside those boxes we feel confined to and choose to see our authenticity in our own unique way. Then, we can step back into the intricacies of navigating the various relationships and connections we have in our lives.

Believe in what illuminates your light and authenticity. Life extends beyond the day-to-day routine, and deep down, you feel that because you have at some point along this journey questioned what the meaning of life really is. Tune into that feeling! Follow the energy of connection, and it will lead you to the Universe and all that is divine. Trust in your authenticity, for it will attract the same energy in return and remove those energies that do not align. Your intuition knows what your authenticity embodies, it knows the meaning that life represents to you.

Understand your values and refrain from turning them against yourself. You may embody kindness, loyalty, understanding, compassion, and overall greatness, but it’s crucial not to compromise these values in an unhealthy situation. For instance, if someone is loyal but finds themselves in a relationship with someone who doesn’t reciprocate, they might choose to stay out of loyalty to the person rather than prioritizing their own well-being. It’s essential to comprehend how our values can be employed and how they should be upheld. Use your intuition to tune into what these values really represent to you and allow the inner guide to show you how to use them.

Know what authenticity means to you and embark on a self-discovery journey. Empower your mind, nourish your body, and connect with that inner guide. Perhaps, after reading this blog, take some time to let your authenticity shine through—listen to what it needs, feels, and wants. Don’t be afraid to heed those authentic nudges of intuition; there is always something transformational waiting within them.

With a unique blend of soul coaching, intuition, spiritual guidance, and mindfulness, Aligned Living Coaching empowers clients to discover the incredible resource of potential within themselves on a whole other level.

Through our coaching sessions, I create pathways using the inner guide, your intuition, and the innate wisdom and inner power within you. Together, we work to uncover and address any areas where energy may be stagnant or blocked, allowing you to move forward with clarity, purpose, and alignment.

Naomi Mailhot - Author

Certified Life Coach from Rhodes Wellness College and a Spiritual Guide & Medium based in Sherwood Park, AB, Naomi offers a holistic approach encompassing wellness, business, personal, and spiritual coaching. She understands the power of small steps toward authenticity and overcoming fear; she is here to help guide you in rising to meet the SAGE within you.