How choosing to uncover your True-Self can lead to miracles

What if that feeling of being lost is actually the moment you uncover your true self ?

Sit with this for a moment, and think about when you have found yourself feeling lost – when you are lost you are more than likely feeling the deep truth of something sitting in your heart and playing on your mind. When you are lost you feel more than you would like to admit. Life becomes raw and real, almost as if it burns you to the touch and promises to rise you from the ashes if only you follow the lost feeling with a little more courage.

I think the feeling of being lost comes from the desire we have for a more meaningful life, a desire that rests inside of us like a wishing well filled with dreams and visions of the highest good – the desire for real love, for connection, for life in simplicity.

It was these desires that pushed me to step into my power and create a life that I could thrive in.

I know we may not all come from the same backgrounds or even levels of consciousness, but we all know deep within this desire for a more meaningful life, and we have all felt a little lost along this journey, maybe even more than once.

We get lost in this world and who it tries to say we are. The wheels of fear and doubt start turning, the feelings get confusing, and the way we process where we are becomes overwhelming, sometimes even empty. We get lost in the roles we feel we need to play. We get lost in right from wrong or black and white, when all we want to do is follow our truth, and uncover our spirit within. We feel lost due to the separation from our true power – our soul existence in the cosmos. If we want transformations, we must begin uncovering ourselves and revealing our truth – that we are miracles existing here and now.

I never saw myself as a miracle, probably because I never took the time to understand my existence on a deeper level, it wasn’t until I had nothing that I discovered I had everything. At this empty time in my life I was literally homeless, jobless, and struggling to know who I wanted to be. It was especially hard to become clear when all I could see was what I was not and what I did not have. I was lost because I was choosing to focus on what was happening to me instead of choosing what I would allow to happen to me.

This was my journey and I had the power to choose what I allowed to happen to me.

This journey requires daily intention and mindfulness, it also requires all of you to be present, and yes I know it is not always easy and sometimes you just want to escape – but who is going to be you if you wont be? That was a hard question I asked myself and the answer was eye opening.

Who you lead with will ultimately change your reality, and as you look back, you can see it through the journey of your own life. When you choose to lead with a fears, doubts, disempowerment, and limiting beliefs,  you will encounter life as such, and when you lead with a love-based energy and the desire of the true self, you encounter life in this way.

When we feel lost, we cannot be afraid to be vulnerable, honest and raw with who we are. We cannot be afraid to face our fears or to access that cage we have put our hearts in. I could not be afraid to face my situation of rock bottom for it was the only place in my life that I needed to be present and willing to accept so that I could make the changes I needed to. There is a power inside of us that knows the way, it comes from deep within, I call it the spirit. You can call it what you like, but it knows more than your ego does. It takes your fears, doubts, hurt, and truth and shows them to you with love and wisdom, allowing you to see just how much you have been holding onto. And once you have seen this, it gently reminds you that who you are comes from the choices you decide to make from that moment on.

Rainbows are waiting in the wings of every storm.

This is a certainty you can count on.

When we feel lost it is usually due to a storm we are going through, whether that be a past storm still with us, a current storm that just broke, or a future storm we are conjuring up with doubts and fears. A storm is a storm, and when it is all said and done, a rainbow always appears. It takes a lot of our strength, truth and clarity to weather these storms though. When we just sail through those storms holding on for dear life without taking control of our inner power, we often miss the sight of that beautiful rainbow and all we see is the cloud covered sky.

When we can see the rainbow before it even appears, this is called faith, and when we can believe that it will appear, this is called trust. Every storm will have one, there is no doubt about that. When you are getting hit by challenge after challenge, there will be a rainbow within each, and, there will be one big one at the end, one that allows everything to make sense. Even when you feel like there will not be, there will, and you know this because countless of times have you felt this way before only to be shown the rainbow in your life.

Listen to your inner guide and spirit….

Your true self always walks with you on the road you feel lost on and will lead you through the storm. You can feel this piece of you tugging at your inner power, urging you to listen. This isn’t about right or wrong, it is about the highest good of you and all involved, that is the choice of the true self. I am grateful I listened to this part of me that kept telling me I needed to change, to let go and to rebuild. Starting from where I was wasn’t easy. I was pushed out of a comfort zone and had to let go of coping mechanisms, beliefs and roles I had used for so long, but it didn’t matter because that desire I had for a more meaningful life would only happen if I chose to embrace it.

What is this Desire?

We all want to be the best version of ourselves, living life to the fullest and thriving in every aspect we can think of. We desire to be healthy, happy and whole and our desires sit with us, reminding us what we want, what we wish for and what we envision for ourselves. The thing is, when we lose sight of the beauty of desire, we get caught up in the ego way of wanting things.

It all started from a desire that swelled inside of me, just like you have had once upon a time or even right now. This desire speaks to us on a level that is deep and meaningful, and it is undeniable. We want transformations, we desire growth, we feel connected to the very things we are looking for on a level that is soul inspiring. The road to transformations asks us to become inspired and empowered by the desires that dwell within us and to seek true connection through the soul. We are natural beings of miracles, you know it, I know it, and all we want is to live a life that is not on auto-pilot survival mode or lost in a world that is truly divided. We desire love in true form, we desire stability and strength, we desire oneness and true callings, we desire the greater good and to feel a connection beyond what are mind can fathom.

Where there is a soulful will, there is a soulful way.

You can do this if you put your mind to it. The universe will conspire to help you in each positive decision you make to better your life and your energy. Will-power is personal power, not letting the situation or person control you, but instead, taking back your motivation, vision, your potential, and using it to propel you forward. When I started from rock bottom I knew it would not be easy but I wanted it, I actually wanted to do the work even if I fell a few times along the way. The soulful will was the desire to never again be homeless or coping with my life. The soulful way was to acknowledge the meaning of life that I wanted to live going forward.

Give yourself permission to follow the meaning of life swelling inside of you.

I did and it changed my life.

We are more than just humans, this is more than just a life, we are miracles existing here in time and space.

Keep Shining xo

Naomi Mailhot - Author

Certified Life Coach from Rhodes Wellness College and a Spiritual Guide & Medium based in Sherwood Park, AB, Naomi offers a holistic approach encompassing wellness, business, personal, and spiritual coaching. She understands the power of small steps toward authenticity and overcoming fear; she is here to help guide you in rising to meet the SAGE within you.