Aligned Living Coaching

Discover the wisdom within you. Awaken your inner guide and transform your life through conscious living and intuitive alignment

A transformative journey of

Aligning with Your Authentic Energy, Vibration, Higher Self, and Essence. It’s all about the soul work!

Aligned Living & Expansion

Welcome To Your Journey Of Transformation

With Aligned Living & Expansion Coaching, I believe in the profound power of connecting with your inner guide and transforming your life through conscious alignment and soul expanded living. 

As an experienced Spiritual Guide, Medium and Certified Life Coach, I am here to be a guide as you align with the energies, beliefs, behaviours, and vibrations that resonate with your true and authentic self. I will help alchemize and align with your energetics and pathways to your vision using intuition, mediumshio and soul practices. My approach goes beyond surface-level coaching; I delve deep into the roots, exploring where they are planted and whether they may be causing energy stagnation and blocks within your own energy and vibration.

 By tapping into our Divine Inner Guide and intuition we forge our own unique paths to purposeful expansions. As we choose to align with our soul purpose and energies we evolve into our most authentic self.

My Approach:

“Out of the box” coaching journeys

With a unique blend of soul connection , intuition, spiritual guidance, and mindfulness, Aligned Living Coaching empowers clients to discover the incredible resource of potential within themselves on a whole other level.

Through our transformational coaching sessions, we create pathways using the Universe, the divine inner guide, energy, your intuition, and the innate wisdom and inner power within you. Together, we work to uncover and address any areas where energy may be stagnant or blocked, allowing you to move forward with clarity, purpose, and alignment.

I have created  The Rooted Method, which is designed to help you unlock your true potential and manifest the life you desire by uncovering roots that limit you and, transforming them and aliging with new roots that support and empower you.

We will do the soul work together! If you are ready to do the Inner Work then you have everything you need!

What This Journey Offers:

  • Connect with your innate inner power for self-discovery and alignment.
  • Dive deep into your energy and vibration, uncovering and releasing any blocks or stagnation.
  • Tap into your inner guide and intuition to receive personalized insights and guidance.
  • Work through challenges and fears, uncovering new opportunities via the rooted self.
  • Cultivate mindfulness and self-awareness to support your journey of alignment.
  • Develop foundational tools of transformation for sustained personal and professional growth.
  • Create clear pathways and vision plans to manifest your visions, goals, and desires in alignment with your true self.
  • Tap into your soul’s desire with intuitive connections and activations.
Naomi Mailhot offers Intuitive Life Coaching at Sage Rising Wellness

The Foundations of the Aligned Living Journey: 

Vibration Match

Harness the power of belief and energy to attract and create the life you want. We focus on:

  • Cultivating a mindset that attracts abundance and opportunities.
  • Shifting core beliefs that may be blocking your true essence.
  • Daily practices to align your energies and stay connected to your authentic self.

 Your Inner Guide

Discover the seat of your soul and tap into your inherent worth and intuition:

  • Build soulful connections and recognize the miracle within you.
  • Align with your soul’s purpose and navigate life with clarity and intention.

 The Rooted Self

Map your soul’s energy and connect with the roots of your whole self:

  • Uncover and release old, discordant beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Visualize and step into your desired self – what does your ideal life look and feel like?


    Reclaim your power and shift your reality. Dive deep into consciousness and unlock the potential within to create a life you love.

    Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, unlocking the incredible potential within you.

    Ignite Your  Inner Power Today!

    Aligned Living Coaching

    Four 1 hour sessions + One 90-minute session with Alignment Reading

    Empowered Alignment Package

    A comprehensive package for those seeking sustained transformation. Over five sessions, we’ll create pathways to your personal success by uncovering and shifting energy blocks and rooting into your inner power by choosing beliefs, behaviours, and mindsets that resonate with who you desire to become.

    • Connect with your innate inner power for self-discovery and alignment.
    • Work through challenges and fears, uncovering new opportunities via the rooted self.
    • Develop foundational tools of transformation for sustained personal and professional growth.
    • Tap into your soul’s desire with intuitive connections and activations.
    • Create vision plans to help attract and manifest alignment 


    • Intuitive Support and Guidance: I provide intuitive insights and guidance throughout your journey.
    • Alignment Reading: Experience a 30-minute session dedicated to empowering guidance and insightful readings.
    • Meditation Activations 

    5 sessions


    Payment Plan Available

    Aligned Living Coaching

    Eight 1 hour sessions + Two 90-minute sessions with Alignment Reading

    Soul Expansion Package

    This is an in-depth journey of soul-self-discovery that aligns you with your most desired self.

    This package includes ten sessions that explore every aspect of your soul’s desire, allowing you to align with your authentic self. Develop your inner power, intuition, and energetic vibrations as you embrace your uniqueness and manifest your true potential. Explore the potential for remarkable transformations, initiate healing, and rebuild a strong connection with your true self.

    • Heal as you go, empowering mindsets and aligning with authentic pathways.
    • Cultivate a deeper connection with your inner guide and intuition to foster full activation with your soul desire.
    • Explore your inner power and unleash those hidden potentials.
    • Initiate healing and restoration in your life.
    • Build a lasting, deep connection with your true self.
    • Incorporate mindfulnes and meditation for inner transformation.

    Perfect for individuals seeking an even deeper understanding of themselves and their path. We will work with the energetics of belief, your soul desire and your connection with the Universe, igniting change and aligning with your highest self to create pathways to your desires.


    • 2 Alignment Readings – receive guidance & insghts to help the journey.
    • Mindful Meditation Activations
    • Soul Desire Vision Mapping 

    10 sessions


    Payment Plan Available

    Aligned Living  With Your Inner Power

    Choose Soul Authenticity

    Embrace your true self and live authentically, aligning your actions and intentions with your soul’s desires. 

    Expand Your Inner Power

    Tap into your inner strength and potential, empowering yourself to create the life you truly want.

    Unpack Your Fears and Blocks and Align with Your Strengths and Successes

    Fear and self-doubt can be significant roadblocks on your journey to success. I will work with you to identify and confront these inner blocks as you empower your inner world, mindsets and authenticity. By aligning with your strengths and celebrating your successes, you will build the confidence to achieve your desires. 

    Reconnect with Your Inner Guide & The Universe

    Build a deep, meaningful connection with your inner guide, the Universe. Receive the wisdom and guidance to navigate your journey with clarity and purpose. 

    Clarify Your Goals, Visions, and Dreams

    Connect with your vision to empower your goals. Visualize your desired outcomes, anchor them in purpose, and take focused action to make them a reality and create a roadmap you feel aligend with.

    Choose Your Vibrational Foundations

    Establish a strong energetic foundation by aligning with higher vibrations, attracting positive experiences and outcomes. 

    Uncover Your Authentic Path

    Your Success


    Whether it be life coaching, empowerment retreats or my workshops, my clients leave standing more in their power than before!


    I have never felt so empowered, inspired and at peace in my life since I started working with Naomi.

    This has been a really emotionally exhausting year for my family, from a stressful divorce to my Fiancé/soulmate unexpectedly passing. She has connected me with several loved ones from the other side and is currently coaching me.

    After our sessions, I feel completely supported and validated; she has helped me set goals and begin healing so much, so I have not seen my psychologist since I started my coaching sessions with her. She has taken me out of a deep dark hole and given me hope again.

    I can never thank her or explain how much she has changed my life and helped me change my kids’ lives. I know the universe sent me her, and I will always be so beyond grateful; she feels like family.

    Stephanie B

    Coaching Sessions

    Naomi is an amazing human being. I have carried on with her alignment coaching because it is changing my life. Each session I go in and she lets me get everything out of my head and she makes sense of things that are really hurting me and detrimental to my mental and physical well being. She is truly changing the way I am processing the negative things in my life that I can’t change. She has helped me so much. I am forever greatful. No one has ever been able to work with me like this. In a way that is changing my thought process. Naomi is a perfect example of an earth angel.


    Aligned Living Life Coaching

    A Sense of purpose!

    Met with Naomi today for my first intuitive life coaching. I felt so inspired and connected during the session. Naomi explains how to make small changes in your daily life to discover your inner power. I recommend sessions to everone who is interested in creating a sense of purpose and developing your personal intuition. Thank you Naomi, it was a wonderful expereince!

    Tannis N

    Intuitive Life Coaching

    Left Feeling Empowered!

    Naomi is an inspiring and motivating speaker who enlightens the listener by providing guidance on how to align our energy. I attended a session on unleashing your inner potential with intuition and inner power and left feeling empowered. With Naomi’s guidance I sorted through some emotions and allowed myself to see how my beliefs were holding me back. I feel like I have some insight into how to become more balanced and am ready to challenge myself to think differently over the coming weeks. For anyone who is thinking of attending a session, just do it!


    Coaching & Workshop



    What is Aligned Living & Expansion Coaching

    Aligned Living & Expansion Coaching is a holistic and energetic approach to personal development and self-discovery that focuses on helping individuals align with their inner wisdom, values, and purpose in order to live a more fulfilling and authentic life. This form of coaching recognizes that each person has a unique inner path and strives to guide them in finding and staying true to it.

    Key elements of Aligned Living & Expansion Coaching  include:

    1. Inner Exploration: This coaching approach encourages individuals to explore their inner selves, including their beliefs, values, passions, and intuition. It helps them connect with their authentic selves and inner wisdom.
    2. Purpose and Meaning: Soul Alignment Life Coaching helps clients discover their life purpose and meaning, helping them set goals and make choices that align with their deepest values and desires.
    3. Mindfulness and Intuition: It often incorporates practices to cultivate mindfulness and enhance intuition. These tools help individuals make more conscious and aligned decisions in their lives.
    4. Overcoming Blocks: The coaching process involves identifying and addressing limiting beliefs, fears, and obstacles that may be preventing personal growth and fulfillment.
    5. Goal Setting and Visioning: Coaches work with clients to clarify their goals, visions, and dreams, helping them create a roadmap for achieving these aspirations.
    6. Empowerment: Soul Alignment Life Coaching empowers individuals to trust themselves and their inner guidance, allowing them to take charge of their lives and make choices that resonate with their true selves.
    7. Holistic Well-Being: It often takes a holistic approach to well-being, considering not only career and personal goals but also physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.

    Overall, Aligned Living & Expansion Coaching is about helping individuals align with their true selves and lead lives that are in harmony with their deepest values and aspirations. It can be a powerful journey of self-discovery and personal growth, guiding individuals towards greater fulfillment and purpose.

    How can Aligned Living & Expansion Coaching

    Aligned Living & Expansion Coaching empowers you to uncover your inner strength and align with your highest self. By choosing soul authenticity, expanding your inner power, and establishing vibrational foundations, you can transform fears and doubts into growth opportunities. Reconnect with your inner guide and the Universe, clear limiting beliefs and old energies, and set purposeful intentions and goals. This holistic approach helps you manifest a life of purpose, joy, and abundance. Start your journey today and create the fulfilling life you desire.

    What are the benefits of Aligned Living & Expansion Coaching

    The palpable results of coaching reflect wellness on many levels of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.  You learn how to create clear pathways to guide you through life by claiming your inner resources.  Some skills that can be discovered through life coaching are committing to and completing tasks, becoming proficient in prioritizing and organizing life the way you want to, finding solutions and resolutions, reaching goals, to the profound and self-empowering experience of knowing oneself authentically, which gives you full access to creating deeper connections and meaningful visions for your life, relationships, goals and well-being.

    What can I expect from an Aligned Living & Expansion Coaching session

    In an Aligned Living & Expansion Coaching session, you can expect to:

    • Gain Clarity: Understand your true desires and align with your highest self.
    • Energy Alignment: Experience techniques to align your energy and raise your vibration.
    • Identify and Transform Limiting Beliefs: Uncover and shift beliefs that hold you back, clearing old energies to make way for new growth.
    • Receive Intuitive Guidance: Connect with your inner guide and the Universe for wisdom and support.
    • Set Purposeful Intentions: Create clear, actionable goals that resonate with your soul’s desires.
    • Empower Yourself: Learn strategies to expand your inner power and build resilience against fears and doubts.
    • Manifest Your Desires: Utilize your soul energy to attract and create a life filled with purpose, joy, and abundance.

    Each session is personalized to your unique needs, helping you navigate your path with clarity, confidence, and alignment.

    What are a coaches responsibility?

    A coach is responsible for being committed to their personal development, taking adequate training and growth learning when needed. Skill and education are essential for any coach to provide the space and service the client seeks. A coach is there to help encourage a client’s self-discovery, holding space for the client to self-generate solutions and strategies.