9 Ways You Can Attract More Abundance Into Your Life

The following are tools and ideas that can help you to attract more abundance into your life. I have found that using these daily, and making abundance an actual lifestyle change, works far better than just doing these occasionally.

Attracting abundance into your life requires you to align with your inner joy and happiness.

 1. Find 3 things To Be Grateful For Every Day. 

The more you find gratitude for everything in your life, the more you will feel abundant. Make a list that goes further than just 3 things, find the joy in how these things make you feel. Each day find something new to be deeply grateful for. Every day find one good thing that happened and make note of it, be thankful for it and allow it to help raise your vibration.

2. Create More “Feel Good” Experiences. 

You can direct how your day goes, even if it’s a bad day, you can change your attitude towards it. Create more “feel good” experiences by changing your energy and thoughts and direct your focus to making opportunity happen. You can make plans that feel good to you. You can decide who you will hang out with and who just isn’t your “type”. You can go to work happy you have a job even if you don’t like certain things about it. You can create experiences that encourage healthy lifestyles and environments.

Be positive, think about how positive feelings can improve your life. Being positive doesn’t mean your oblivious to what’s happening, it just means you choose to experience things from a balanced state of mind.

Visualize your success, see yourself balanced, happy, healthy and whole, but do it from the present moment.

3. Pay It Forward Daily, Random Acts Of Kindness.

One of the best ways to attract more abundance in your life is to give freely your love and kindness to someone else in need. The results of these acts of kindness are abundant in ways you can not explain. Your heart feels joy and a sense of purpose when you commit a random act of kindness you feel happier and more in control of your happiness. You give to others because you want to help, not because you want something in return. You want to brighten someone else’s day and make their struggles a little less. When you do this, the universe picks up a strong vibration from you and will align you with the same kind of energy.

4. Speak, Feel, And Embody Abundant Energy

Walk the walk, and talk the talk. Act abundant and overflowing with good energy. Use words that empower and attract success. “I am abundant today” is better than “I am lacking this”. Use affirmations to help you speak to yourself with empowerment and to train your mind to listen to your personal power. Focus your attention on how you speak and what it sounds like on the inside. You need to become more aware of your feelings you put behind the words. When you act abundantly you FEEL it in your core, you dance like no one is watching as they say.  Reevaluate how you react to certain situations, find a different perspective if the one you have isn’t yielding you balanced results.

5. Make Room, Declutter, Clear Space! IN ALL Ways! 

Clear it out!! Get rid of anything that takes up space and that you no longer use. Declutter material things that are collecting dust or that just don’t match you or your space anymore. Declutter drama from your life as well, set healthy boundaries and learn to stick up for your morals and values.

Decluttering is about making space for what you truly want. I often get asked “how can I declutter when I have had the same life for 20 years?” – To this I reply, one step at a time. You must choose what is adding to your life and what isn’t. This can include people, places, emotions and things. Decluttering is one of the biggest steps to abundance. Making room for the new energy to flow into your life.

6. Meditation And Visualization

I like using meditation to clear my energy and help me focus. I also use it for manifesting abundance into my life. When I meditate, I can focus on my visualizations and intentions for 10 minute periods with no interruptions. This helps me send out a stronger vibration to the universe that this is what I want. Meditations also helps to keep the atmosphere calm and centered, deep breathing brings in life force energy and this creates that atmosphere you need to change your energy around.

7. Have Clear and Focused Intentions

The more you set intentions and stick to their highest good, the better you will find yourself. Intentions keep you focused on the steps to take as well as the areas of your life that you want to work on and change. When you acknowledge what you want to do, the goals become clearer and easier to achieve. If you find yourself wishy-washy or scattered, you may need to reevaluate your intentions and realign with your goals. Holding yourself accountable will create a positive momentum and this will create the opportunity for your goals to bring you abundance with each step you take.

8. Watch For Signs, Synchronicity and Divine Intervention

Signs, synchronicity and divine intervention can all help you to attract abundance into your life. When you are given any of these, it is because you are being guided to your highest good. As you connect and become aware and mindful, you will begin to see more of the guidance you need. You will also strengthen your intuition and connection to your spirituality. Pray, ask for guidance and insight to be shown to you, ask the universe to help you align with your abundance and then be open, ready, and receiving of what is brought to you.

9. Use Crystals To Help You Attract Abundance In Your Life

Whether you are trying to attract money, love, success, health or whatever else, there is a crystal for that. My go to crystals are Citrine, Green Aventurine, Golden Healer, Rose Quartz, and Sunstone. There are also many others to choose from.  Crystals are not magical! they help balance energy and carry vibrations and frequencies that can help you.

Keep Shining xo

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Naomi Mailhot - Author

Certified Life Coach from Rhodes Wellness College and a Spiritual Guide & Medium based in Sherwood Park, AB, Naomi offers a holistic approach encompassing wellness, business, personal, and spiritual coaching. She understands the power of small steps toward authenticity and overcoming fear; she is here to help guide you in rising to meet the SAGE within you.