9 Signs You Might Be Experiencing A Vibrational Shift

Life has a way of trying to shift us away from the standard way of living and into a more connected way of being. When we are faced with change or adversity though, we tend to resist and become overwhelmed by all that’s happening, and when a vibrational shift happens, it is because without a doubt, “something’s got to give”

If you are going through a vibrational shift it is more than likely so that you can help transform your future and live life more consciously.

Below are some signs that life is shifting into a new vibration for you.

1) A Strong Urge To Explore Your Individuality Or Follow A Whole New Path

If you have found yourself smack dab in the middle of a fork in the road, then you are having a vibrational shift in life. If you are beginning to challenge yourself and who you use to be, or how you use to think and feel, and finding a more balanced and connected way to be, then you are going through a vibrational shift. Wanting to explore your individuality may take you down a new road, you may decide that the old ways are no longer working for you and you are done with the way it is. During these realizations, you must slow yourself down and not get to overwhelmed by all the things that don’t align with you anymore. This is the most important shift you will ever have for it changes who you have been in the past and opens the door to who you truly want to be.

2) You Want to Declutter and Remove Negativity From Your Life

I am sure all of you have wanted this daily, but how many of you have done it? When you go through a vibrational shift you will take action in decluttering and removing anything toxic and heavy in your life, you won’t just say you will declutter, you will be proactive in doing so. You may find that the crowds you always hung out in no longer match what you want, relationships will change and your position will become clear. You may also feel like decluttering or leaving an environment you have been in for some time, even becoming tired of the environment and atmosphere you live in.  you may also feel like getting rid of stuff, junk, and clutter that comes from material possessions. Decluttering can happen on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

3) You Are Seeking A More Connected Way To Live Life

This one is the most important indicator that you are going through a vibration shift. The fact that you are seeking something more to life than this, is a huge life changing epiphany, and it calls for celebration. Once you start your journey to becoming more consciously connected, you won’t be able to stop. Your seeking will become an inner knowing and a light that illuminates; you may find yourself drawn to spiritual groups and workshops that teach mindfulness, law of attraction, and awareness. You will become interested in creating a better reality by learning a new perspective.

4) You Want To Spend More Time Alone

It is ok to want to be an introvert, the need for down time with yourself so that you can rest, recharge and welcome in your inner peace. You will have become hyper sensitive to energy and it will become imperative for you to take a break from society often. Your alone time creates a sacred space for your energy and higher-self to replenish and connect.

5) You Have Become More In Sync With Your Intuition

The intuition will be the guidance that you lead with, you will begin to listen to that inner voice and trust your gut instincts more than ever. You will be shown divine signs, “red flags”, warning,  and synchronicities on a daily basis, these are helping you to stay focused and on course. You will also experience intuitive visions and psychic revelations; your inner knowing will be strong. You may “know”, “sense” or “see” things before they happen and your inner voice will be loud and strong.

6) You Have Mood Swings That Make Even You Ask “What Is Going On”!

What comes up, must be dealt with and healed. Mood swings show us what we are harbouring inside. Lately I have had a lot of anger moments, I have realized that those moments are only showing me what I need to fix in my life. Mood swings are a way our soul teaches us to evolve, so next time your moody, ask yourself why, and be honest. You may also have a change of heart on something you thought you were so set on.

7) Your Life Has Major Changes Happening

The biggest most direct indication that you are going through a vibrational shift is that your life in some way has, or is, going through huge transformations. The best way to align with these changes is to learn to accept, adjust and allow. Going with the flow and being mindful of your presence in life can help you to stand on firm foundations. Change is a good thing, it brings new growth and reveals truth.

8) You “See” Things With Your Heart

Compassion, empathy, understanding; these are just a few heart energies that will become powerful in your life. Your heart will soften, you will begin to heal and make amends where you feel led to and you will mend what you felt broken inside. You “see” things with your heart and will lead with compassion, in the bigger picture of it all, you have begun to have a higher understanding of the bigger picture.

9) You Want To Be Healthy

Healthy lifestyles will be your new focus, you want to be healthy and this will include mind, body, and soul. Pretty straight forward! Your body, mind and soul will have had enough of the unhealthy and will be pushing you to create healthy lifestyles, keep in mind this won’t be a “diet fad”, this will be a commitment to health and wellness.


Naomi Mailhot - Author

Certified Life Coach from Rhodes Wellness College and a Spiritual Guide & Medium based in Sherwood Park, AB, Naomi offers a holistic approach encompassing wellness, business, personal, and spiritual coaching. She understands the power of small steps toward authenticity and overcoming fear; she is here to help guide you in rising to meet the SAGE within you.