7 ways to protect your vibe

It is your vibe, your energy , your personal power!

Your vibration is what you lead with, and when you come across certain people or situations, your vibe will ultimately be affected. This is why it is important to protect your vibe and keep a balanced and strong energy.

It is important that we take a look at how we may be letting outside forces take over our vibes, thus draining our power and causing blocks in our inner peace. Of course we cannot blame the outside force, we can only accept, learn, grow and evolve so that we stay on top of our highest good. This in turn empowers our vibration and keeps us balanced and aligned

Here are 7 ways you can protect your vibe and keep your balance each day

#1 Let go of what you cant control

I am all for taking on any and all challenges but I also know that there are things I cannot control and those are the things I must accept, adjust to and find my balance and faith in. There is no easy way to do this, it requires our strength, trust and willingness to stand empowered and flexible as we ride the wave. Letting go doesn’t mean you just drop it and it is all magically better, that is just nonsense! Letting go means allowing yourself the opportunity to work through the situation from a different perspective, or a different feeling, thought or strength. Using your inner power and growth mindsets, you can begin to heal, move forward and change. Working through your reasoning and how you place meaning on why something happens is important to look at. We cant control everything and we need to remember that sometimes it is not about how we want it but how it needs to happen. Life is full of moments and experiences and we are the only ones in control of how we grow in all of it.

Here is a little prayer I am sure you are well aware of but it hits home nonetheless.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

serenity prayer

#2 Keep your faith larger than your fears

This is my go to when empowering my vibe! Fear is inevitably a part of life, we cant escape it but we can work with it! Faith is the key to moving through fear, doubt and even pessimistic mindsets.

What is faith though?

Faith is this force of energy that moves my spirit. Faith comes from our belief in something greater than us, something we cannot see with our eyes but we can feel it deep within our soul. Faith helps us to move through the fears, anxieties and doubts by giving us another way of thinking, feeling and believing. I know in my life having faith in the Universe and higher powers has helped me move through my anxieties and challenges. I once was at rock bottom and having faith helped me reach out and rebuild. When I look back I see just how much my trust and belief helped empower my connection to the Universe which in turn strengthened my faith.

Faith is a place of mystery, where we find the courage to believe in what we cannot see and the strength to let go of our fear of uncertainty.

Brene brown

#3 Do the things that feel right!

Trust your vibes, those gut instincts and personal values. At the end of the day you know what best for you. It is important to remember that you are not powerless. If you are in a situation that makes you uncomfortable, leave it, and if you cant leave it right away, make a plan to. If you are not happy around certain people, recognize this, don’t blame them or try to change them, set healthy boundaries and move forward. If it feels right to start an adventure, trust your instincts. If you feel like you are on the wrong path, listen and connect into what your intuition is telling you.

Protecting your vibe is about doing the things that are right for you even if that means a hard decision needs to be made. You set healthy boundaries because they are needed not because you are selfish and mean, but because you recognize the toxic energy that comes with certain people and situations. Give yourself more opportunities to stand in your power and grow your inner strength. Trust yourself enough to listen and acknowledge who you become when you are in and around certain people and situations. Helping yourself do what feels right to you, in turn, helps others to see just how important it is to know their own boundaries

Do more of what you love and what makes you come alive even in the littlest of sparks. The more you grab onto those sparks, the more you grow your inner shine

Take it one day at a time

#4 Spend time alone and get grounded

In the morning, evening, whenever you can, take some alone time to reset, recharge and renew. Giving yourself 10 minutes a day can enhance your ability to deal with the day and anything that comes up. Reading a good book, journaling, or doing something you love in nature are great ways to refocus and recharge. I always recommend meditation or a personal space and time you can use to breathe and renew your connection to strength, love and peace. Trust me, keeping your self grounded and using tools that help calm and balance your energy will make the journey a little easier to walk.

On another note, spending some alone time every week is a good thing! sometimes we need a little time to reconnect to ourselves. This time can bring up emotions, thoughts and visions that can help us heal or make choices needed in our lives. Alone time is sacred time and it needs to be scheduled into your day somewhere!

#5 Cut toxicity from your life

People, thoughts, habits, patterns. Take a good look at what does not bring you balance and empowerment and resolve to make changes one step at a time. Be selective when choosing who and what you keep in your energy. Create routines that balance as much of your life as you can. Declutter your space, less is more! Spend you time wisely and with good intention. Walk away from dishonest associations, drama, or negative minded individuals. Choose your battles wisely and know which ones are not worth the effort.

#6 Inspire yourself

I feel this is one of the most life changing things we can do for ourselves. Let your creativity flow. Go on new adventures and choose to work from a place of self-love, self-worth, self-care and self-empowerment. Choose healthy habits that make you feel good. Take some risk with your goals and dreams. Let inspiration be a light in your life. Creativity unlocks inspiration so do those things that open you up and set you free! Think of things you enjoy as a hobby or as a way of relaxing and recharging and do more of this to bring out your inspired self.

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.


#7 Take time to appreciate the little things

A good way to reset your vibe and empower your life is through humbleness and appreciation! Happiness, calm and balance are all mindsets, you create the foundation for them by appreciating that you have a choice in life at all times in who you will be. Appreciation goes a long way and is esepcially more empowering when you see it through humbles eyes.

Appreciate your mind for how incredible powerful it is.

Appreciate your body for the vessel it is that carries your essence. Appreciate all your body does for you.

Appreciate your spirit for its strength and fierceness, it puts up with your ego and carries you through life.

Appreciate the little things in family, friends, job, health and home. Think about how these little things means so much.

When things get challenging or a little imbalanced, remember to appreciate what you can.

Dwell in the beauty of life. Watch the stars and see yourself running with them.

marcus aurelius

No matter what life brings to the table make sure you take full responsibility for empowering and protecting your vibe!

Naomi Mailhot - Author

Certified Life Coach from Rhodes Wellness College and a Spiritual Guide & Medium based in Sherwood Park, AB, Naomi offers a holistic approach encompassing wellness, business, personal, and spiritual coaching. She understands the power of small steps toward authenticity and overcoming fear; she is here to help guide you in rising to meet the SAGE within you.