7 Ways To Create More Of Who You Want To Be

As we show up for our experiences we are given the opportunity to grow at every turn. This is the beauty of life, there is always a chance to be authentically you.

7 Ways To Create More Of Who You Want To Be

“Go find yourself”, “Get your shit together”, “Be who you want to be” These are statements you may have heard before right? Where do you start though? How do you figure out the pieces of you that belong to your intricate and beautiful puzzle? Most importantly what are you suppose to find? That is what I asked myself 9 years ago, and honestly, I couldn’t answer that question with clarity. So, I decided it would be more important to be who I needed to be right there in that moment and allow myself to discover what that meant for my wellness. I decided to go on a journey of uncovering one piece at a time. I decided to explore what healing I needed to do in order to overcome the mountain I was climbing. I called this my pathway journey; giving myself the opportunity to create pathways of healing, empowerment, connection and transformation that could help me become more of someone I could recognize and feel at peace with. I knew I wanted more. Not knowing how to express that, but knowing I desired more meaningful and authentic connection to who I could be in my life was in my power to choose.

As we create pathways, we  begin uncovering pieces of us we no longer resonate with, pieces of us we never knew we had in us, and pieces of our strength, clarity and purpose. This part of the journey never stops – the uncovering is always happening, and if we stay present, standing in our power becomes easy and fluent.

1. Do something for yourself that inspires you to be more of who you are.

You will need to inspire yourself and create a connection to your inner strength to make those changes and choices you want to make. Looking at where you are now, how you feel and where you wish to take the journey is an important self reflection you will need to help you move ahead. I know when I started uncovering ne pathways for myself I recognized that it was the simple quality moments I gave myself that really changed my reality such as nature walks, meditating and writing. Inspiration doesn’t always come in with a bang, sometimes it is gentle and nurturing until you are ready for the next step.

2. Get to know your beliefs, and if they do not support your health and wellness, create new ones.

This one can be challenging for you will need to look at both your inspiring beliefs and your limiting beliefs. It is the limiting beliefs that need your full attention, they are the ones you will need to transform. If you believe in the worst of things, then you could change your belief in trusting in the Universe more. If you don’t believe in yourself fully then you can begin believing in one of your strengths that has helped you in your life. Pessimism is debilitating, choosing to have pessimistic beliefs can be crushing to your success. A belief is something you are telling yourself, a foundation you will lead from, so think about that for a moment and ask yourself if your beliefs support your highest good. Step out of the way, even if you think it doesn’t matter, it does. What you believe in will be what you stand in.

3. Quit saying you are lost, instead try saying:

“I am discovering a whole new me right now”

 You create a shield when you continuously say you are lost. You are telling yourself you are lost and in the dark, yet, you have feelings, you have dreams, you have goals and ideas. You are not lost; you are in transition. You are becoming, which means you must grow in all ways that you are guided to do so. That lost feeling is due to a deep truth that has come forward, a desire for more meaning and connection, a need for change. If you look more deeply within yourself you may find that the first step is to help yourself on a mental and emotional level, reconnecting to your inner strength and guide. Sometimes these transitions push us into limbo where we can gather our thoughts, look at our truths and make some hard but liberating choices. If you ever catch yourself saying “ I am lost” stop yourself and make a plan, create a pathway, open your heart and mind and do the inner work.

4. Clean the slate

This one is challenging, it is about forgiveness, understanding, compassion, healing, and love. These are empowering mindsets and foundations that can help you unleash your inner power and uncover more of who you want to embody on all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Forgive now, give yourself the space to breathe and to move into a new chapter.

Heal now, give yourself the opportunity to walk your path with light, strength, and daily healing tools.

Love now, bring love into everything you are.

Lead with compassion and understanding, become more aware and present on your path.

Action Challenge: Write down everything you know about yourself including your strengths and weakness. List your dreams, desires, and goals, even the ones from childhood. Make a note about the things you want to change, haven’t changed and are afraid to change. Take a good look at how you see, talk, and believe in yourself. Look at your ego and negative traits and use them to illuminate the changes you will need to make.  Don’t use reasoning or excuses to be less than who you want to be. Open your heart and mind, give yourself a moment to be magical and honest.

Once you have poured your truth out on this paper it is not time to accept and welcome in your inner power. That part of you that says “its time, you are worthy, this is where you are”

5. Unearth your magic, it is time to focus on these powers within you.

Shit just got real, you can’t deny your truth, nor can you avoid it, if you do it just keeps creating the same pattern and habit, the cycle will continue. Focus on your magic, those little strengths, and soulful nudges from within. Listen to the inner guide and honestly, start accepting the truth. Let people be who they are, let the journey unfold. Allow the past to be wisdom and not a cage you lock yourself in. You have the power to create your reality, on a personal level, you have control of your space, your heart and your mind. Let your spirit take the lead, follow the wellness, the highest good. You have to begin looking at the building your identity through your personal power. We cant cling desperately to what was, this restricts us in our growth. The magic you have is the ability to heal, empower and evolve. Growth is magic.

6. Go on a Soul Adventure

Nourish your mind, body, and spirit! Do more things that make you come alive. Spend time in nature. Explore new pathways to your joy, peace, and happiness. Try something new each month. It doesn’t have to always be about classes, money, work, and material, you need sustenance on a natural and simple level… the soul requires days of pure rest and rejuvenation. You can go for a hike in the mountains or join an art class to unleash your creativity. You could try ice cream at every local shop you find as you travel from place to place. You can go for a walk in the woods and sit under a tree. Meditate, ready, plant new flowers….

An adventure is not just a physical action, it can be an emotional connection and a mental reset.  

7 Get closer to your inner spirit

 Spirit(soul) whatever you wish to call it, get closer to this part of yourself.

Love your humanness but unleash your spirit and let your wild and wonderful beauty take over.

Believe in something greater than just this place on earth. Have a stronger connection to your faith in the Universe and the cosmos of our existence. Yes, this is important, in fact it is the most important for without firmly connecting to your inner miracle and creation you will forget to do the most important thing … to live simply, to love simply, to enjoy simply.

Naomi Mailhot - Author

Certified Life Coach from Rhodes Wellness College and a Spiritual Guide & Medium based in Sherwood Park, AB, Naomi offers a holistic approach encompassing wellness, business, personal, and spiritual coaching. She understands the power of small steps toward authenticity and overcoming fear; she is here to help guide you in rising to meet the SAGE within you.