5 Ways To Combat Stress

We all have a little (or a lot) of stress in our lives at some point, and although it can be tough to find our balance and strength, things seem to always work out for our highest good in the end whether we believe it will or not. That being said, it doesn’t make it any easier to stand strong amidst the stress,  bracing for whatever is to come. We can feel fear, depression, anxiety and an overall emotional overload, most often we get lost in the stress and forget about our inner power and strength.

Even though stress loves to wash over us like it owns our happiness and freedom, it is important to become aware of your responsibility to combat the stress before it goes on a power trip.

Here are a few tips that can possibly help you in your time of stress. Remember, it is important to look our for your health and wellness and always reach our for help when you need it whether that be family, friends, a professional or resource.

1. Change the Dialogue…

Get inside your own head and reframe your reactions, thoughts and feelings towards the stress. The dialogue you use will ultimately trigger either more fear, or more peace. In a stressful situation one could try to stay calm, affirm that they are strong enough, and remember that everything works out in the end how it needs to. Talk yourself through the stress, I know I do way better under stress when I am thinking with my inner strength and wisdom.

2. Do one act of self-care right away…

Anything that is good for you, do that. Take a break, the stress isn’t going to disappear magically, but you will feel more balanced, clear, and refreshed to take on the next steps. What is it that you like to do that helps you feel joy, calm or inner peace and love?

Some ideas of self-care can be things such as acceptance, gratitude and being okay with where you are and reaching for a tool of empowerment to help you. You could try yoga, meditation, natural healing or even just some breathing practices to shift your energy. Exercise, health and movement is a great stress reducer so things like kickboxing, the gym or a walk help move your energy and create time away from the minds focus on stress.

Self-care is also about choosing what is in the best interest of you of the moment and all involved which means if you have to reach for truth and acceptance or a leap of faith, you would best serve the situation or experience by doing so.

3. Reframe the picture…

Think of all the possibilities that could go right, the blessings in disguise that could happen and even what opportunities could happen. If you think you can’t see any silver lining, take a break, change the dialogue and start looking again with a fresh perspective.

You know that challenges often lead to roads you didn’t even know were available, so think of the bigger picture before you act in fear and pessimism. Find one good thing in every challenge or situation. Leave the door open for the highest good.

4. Reach out for a bounce off…

When I feel stressed pressured or overwhelmed I know that reaching out to the people I trust to have my back is a sure-fire way to help combat stress. Chatting to someone else about where you are at can help you feel supported and safe. Our close friends and family that we trust often have wisdom, love and support they can offer us.

I also reach out to professionals that can give advice pertaining to my situation. “There is someone who knows about something that can help you” –  that is what I always say when I am stressed. So reach out and ask for advice, whether it be to a counsellor, financial advisor, health care practitioner or more, someone knows something that will help you right now.

5. Trust and have faith …

As hard as it may be, learning to trust and have faith is going to help you feel stronger and more in control during the stressful times. I still have fear, stress and anxiety rise up but the minute it does I turn to my faith in the Universe, myself, and the highest good. I also look back and remind myself how far I have come and how things change and work out even when I thought I was alone and defeated.

Trust where you are and where you are going, stay present and mindful of the situation and experience, you will always be shown where things need to go , it is up to you how you accept and allow things to flow. Stress rises from our need to know it all and feel safe and secure, although life doesn’t always provide this safety for us, we can certainly provide it to ourselves through the health and wellness of our mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Go deeper into your faith with the Universe, practice surrendering your stress and saying “I welcome in the flow of the highest good”. 

If it isn’t flowing stop forcing it and thinking about it not going your way. Let it be, let it go, surrender to the outcome.

6. Hit the reset!

Reset! go back to the start and revise the plan if need be. Take into consideration where the stress is coming from, what the truth of the stress is and what you have to work with until more comes to help you out.

Hitting the reset can be anything from a fresh pair of eyes to a whole new beginning or plan of action. Think about what you are stressed about and ask yourself how you can help it right now in this moment. I know when I was starting over again I didn’t have a lot of money or foundations, it took a very simple plan and budget to get me going and most of the time I was only staying afloat. I knew what the stress was telling me about my life but I also knew what I wanted to tell the stress about who I was and what I wanted. Over the years I have learned many ways to combat stress as I continue to build my life. I do  know that when it wasn’t working it was time to start again, whatever that looked like.


Keep Shining xo

Naomi Mailhot - Author

Certified Life Coach from Rhodes Wellness College and a Spiritual Guide & Medium based in Sherwood Park, AB, Naomi offers a holistic approach encompassing wellness, business, personal, and spiritual coaching. She understands the power of small steps toward authenticity and overcoming fear; she is here to help guide you in rising to meet the SAGE within you.