5 Empowering Practices For Autumn Equinox

5 Empowering Practices For Autumn Equinox To Help You Attract More Of What You Desire This Season

Autumn Equinox signals a time of release, recharging and renewal. The vibe gets cozier and more grounded, the energy becomes calm and reflective and we find ourselves thinking about the changes we want to see and the seeds of intention we wish to plant and harvest in the future. With the Equinox upon us it is a powerful time to align with the Universe and Creation and set forth our visions, energy, prayers and intentions.

As with all Equinox cycles, using rituals and practices that are empowering and connected can help create and enhance your abundance, healing and success. The first thing you need to do is set aside some time and space to reset, recharge and renew as you get grounded and ready to empower your mind, body and spirit during this Equinox.

1. Clear Your Space & Set Intentions

Clean up your personal space and declutter where you need to. Clear out the old energy around you, within you and that is attached to things, places and people. You can do this through the power of intention, becoming mindful of your own energy and stepping into your power is a good place to start. Grab your journal and the things you will need to get grounded and ready for this new cycle of transformation and shifting.

  • Light a candle, turn on some ambient music and burn frankincense, sage and cinnamon to help bring in the light and the energy of healing empowerment and abundance. Be respectful and intentional with this practice. As you do this say your prayers of gratitude (see below)
  • Have a Journal ready and waiting for you to imprint on. Writing about what you are ready to release, what you are ready to welcome into your life as well as what your visions, desires and beliefs are at this time in your life.
  • Get to know your limitations and fears and use what I like to call a counter dialogue that helps empower and change your mindset.

For example, Using thoughts and emotion’s like this:

” I can see my fears and I understand where they are coming from, but I no longer will accept them as my mission statement in life. I will help overcome my fears using my faith, my intuition and my God given light to thrive. I understand there are challenges, but I know who I am and what I want to bring into my life. I am the keeper of my dreams and the conduit for miracles. I step into my power now and allow creative energy to flow through me. If things do not work out then I will adjust and reset and find a new direction. But I will not tolerate any dis-empowering foundations from myself anymore.

instead of this:

“It doesn’t matter what I do, it seems nothing ever works out for me. The world is against me and I cant get ahead. I wish something would happen so that I could just get moving. Why cant I just have peace and happiness.

After you have cleared your space and set some intentions you will need to keep this space and vision work going. Checking in weekly with yourself and using this practice to release, renew and recharge.

2. Send Your Prayers of Gratitude

I hold in my sacred self the gratitude for all that has been, all that is, and all that will be on this journey. With love and respect I send out this prayer to Creator and Universe and give thanks for the beauty of life. I welcome in the light and have faith that I will be guided and protected on this next part of the journey.

So Be It and So It Is

A gratitude prayer is not just saying thank you for the things in your life, instead, it is about deeply appreciating the life force within you and the incredible miracle that you are. It is about giving your energy of love and light to the Universe, Creator, and asking for love and light to be reciprocated as you hold gratitude for the past, present and future with respect to the journey. This prayer is also a way to communicate what you are grateful for as you look at all the simple blessings that have occurred on your journey thus far.

In these prayers it is important to stand in your power with your Sacred Self; that part of you that rises above and uses a higher perspective and connection as a guide.

Take a moment to reflect upon what you want your prayer of gratitude to be right now. Then align with the feeling and visions and speak it with empowerment and appreciation.

3. Use Tools Of Empowerment To Guide You

Oracle cards, Affirmation cards or Empowerment cards help create pathways forward and allow your inner guide to step up and lead the way. They also help with perspective shifts as well as build stronger mindset foundations for your wellness journey. You can use these cards to over come fears, access your higher self and build a stronger connection to the Universe.

Always set your space before you pull cards. Quiet your mind and ground your energy as you access your higher self and ask for guidance and empowerment.

Autumn Equinox Reading Spread (3 cards)

Card 1 – What is my empowering message for the journey right now?

Card 2 – What do I need to focus on that will help me create success this season?

Card 3 – What do I need to know that will help guide me right now.

  • After each card you pull, reflect and let your intuition guide you. Write down in your journal what you hear, think, feel and see.

4. Meditate On It!

Meditation is just another form of connection and wellness space for your mind, body and spirit. Look at it as a space you give yourself to breathe and recharge. It does not have to bring you this epic vision of all knowing and to be honest, your mind will be busy and unsettled, that’s normal! what meditation actually does is bring you closer to your inner guide, the Universe and allows you to access consciousness and Divine energy.

I meditate to connect and empower my energy as well as to step out of the busy system we live in and give myself some time and space to breathe. I meditate with ambient music such as theta, mantras, and nature. You can also use Guided meditations to help take you on a journey, they also help your mind follow a voice which will help you access visions, thoughts and feelings that can help guide you.

During the Autumn Equinox the theme is about letting go and renewing your life force energy. After you set intentions, say your gratitude prayers and receive guidance from the cards, a meditation will help you set things in motion and solidify your pathway forward.

Do A Guided Meditation for Letting go and welcoming in all that supports your highest good!

5. Let the Universe Lead The Way

Now that you have set your intentions, recalibrated your energy and received some guidance it is time to reflect and begin moving with the flow. To do this you will welcome in what you have received in your Autumn Equinox practice and make clear vision plan. This is more than just intention writing in the journal.

Visualize the three steps you will take to help you move ahead.

Put your Faith into this vision by trusting the Universe is working with you now.

Claim your success by affirming ” All that is meant for me will flow my way. I will remain focused and flexible to my success journey as I trust in a higher power to lead the way”

Carry this forward with you as you journey through the next few months. Always check in with yourself and use this practice to help renew and recharge at any time.

Much Love to you this Autumn Equinox

Naomi Mailhot - Author

Certified Life Coach from Rhodes Wellness College and a Spiritual Guide & Medium based in Sherwood Park, AB, Naomi offers a holistic approach encompassing wellness, business, personal, and spiritual coaching. She understands the power of small steps toward authenticity and overcoming fear; she is here to help guide you in rising to meet the SAGE within you.