5 Daily Grounding Practices

5 Daily Grounding Practices to help keep you balanced in daily life

I never used to think about my energy and how it impacted my life, most days  I just got up and began my day with my same old routine, making it my mission to get from morning to night as best I could.  It wasn’t until I embraced a more conscious journey that I learned how to ground my energy to my success, and in doing this, I created a better foundation and energy for my day to day to exist in.

Grounding is the process of becoming consciously aware and in tune with your energy so that you can feel balanced and clear in your daily life. Our lives have their anxieties, emotional upsets, and challenges to which we are all susceptible; life also has moments of impact, growth and expansion. Grounding our energy aides in our success through any of these moments in our lives. When a challenge presents itself to me, my first reaction is to take a deep breath and prepare myself and my energy to rise above the energy of the challenge and ground myself to my success. This may mean I need to get a hold of my emotions, or it could mean I must be adaptable to change, but the bottom line when I ground myself is that I am doing so to help transform and create a better environment within me, and around me.

Grounding allows us to:

  • Center our energy and bring our presence back to the here and now
  • Breathe in our peace and calm energy
  • Gain a better understanding of the bigger pictures
  • Connect to our spiritual being and essence
  • Reconnect with source energy

Grounding is a foundation to our daily successes – learning how to ground yourself in any situation requires patience, awareness, and self reflection.

There are a few ways to help ground yourself and reconnect to source energy on a daily basis, these 5 simple practices can help you find balance, stability and inner peace.

1. Create a space to breathe into

Whether you start your day with this, or you use it throughout your day when you need to ground, creating a space to take a few breaths sets the tone for your success.

Try This: Close your eyes, visualize the space you wish to be present in, this can be at the beach, a lake, or wherever you soul takes you to. As you visualize yourself in this space, you will take a few deep breaths and feel your energy moving through you, see your energy root into the earth through your feet as well as shoot from the top of your head into the Universe. Breathe into this entire visualization, create this space for as long as you need to feel grounded, calm and in touch with your soul.

As you practice this daily you will begin to see the difference it makes in your waking moments.  Take yourself away for moments, whether it is 1 minute or 5 minutes or longer. Give yourself some space and time in your sanctuary and then proceed.

2. Know Your Intentions, Stay True To Your Values

Everyday set your intentions, focus on what you wish to accomplish in your day. There are small steps and big steps, and when you bring your energy into the present, you accomplish all the steps simultaneously. You know that one step will lead to another, the flow is natural. by starting with the intentions that take priority, you will create the success for the bigger picture of the future. The present is all you must work with! And as you take control daily, you will accomplish each step needed. The only thing that can throw you off is if you hesitate to empower your set intentions.

It is good to also get to know your values, like what do you value in a relationship, or what you value for your own self love, ask yourself if you are valuing what you say you value or are you letting the value slip through the cracks.

3. Connect To Your Faith and Source

All grounding is a spiritual and physical energy that needs a source energy to empower it. Your faith, belief and connection will help you to ground your energy to source energy which is the Divine Universe –  to be clear, you can have faith in God, Buddha or whatever else you connect to.

As I ground my energy, I call upon my faith and connection to my source. I remind myself that there is a divinely empowering way to feel and think, and my vibration must match that which I am wanting to ground my energy to. If I want peaceful resolution, then I must be the energy of that. If I want love, then I must be that energy. If I want success, then I must become that energy.  I must be conscious in all ways and willing to become each day more of who I choose to be..

Your faith in source energy, whether that be your God or the Universe, will ultimately bring you back to center and a powerful grounding energy. Prayer, meditation, gratitude, and the act of humbleness will always open the door to source. Source is with you all the time, there is never a moment it is not, there is only the moments you choose to disconnect.

4. Become Self Aware

Know yourself as deep as you can. Know your upsets, know your fears, know everything about yourself so that in any situation you will be aware of what is your energy and what is the outer worlds energy. Self awareness lets you discover your power within. If you know who you are, then you can control yourself. As you ground your energy you will think and feel only from who you are. You will remind yourself of your worth and value which you have placed on our life. You will accept that you only have control over you. Self awareness is the key to staying present and connected to your mind, body, and soul.

5. Implement Practices That Benefit Your Health & Well-being

  • Live, Laugh, Love…as much as you can. Practice joy in your heart not joy for the materials or circumstance. Everyday choose to feel vibrant even when the situation demands that you may not.
  • Eat healthy, choose foods that help your body function, get to know your body and how it is speaking to you. Your body is your only vessel that houses you, treat it with as much respect as you can.
  • Feed your brain with good thoughts, kind words and loving truth. When you are faced with a negative person, choose to go within, regroup and then deal with it according to the highest good. The same goes for yourself, when you feel off balance, reset, regroup and receive a new frequency into your mind that empowers you and helps you think on a more productive level.
  • Relax, take a moment or two. Don’t speak to get a word in. Don’t react just to react. Relax, if things are meant to be, they will be and if they are meant to fall apart they will do that too. Relaxing isn’t about sitting back in a chair and shutting off, it is about calming yourself from any emotional rises and allowing your inner power to step forward.
  • Try a form of energy healing like Reiki, BodyTalk, Quantum Healing, Crystal healing and more. Energy needs to be moved as it becomes stuck in patterns and habits it is use to settling into. Using a healing morality can help you to move your energy around. There are professional energy healers out there which you can connect to and open your energy and clear blocks.
  • Take long baths with Epsom salts and essential oils. Take time for your own inner relaxation. If you can’t have a bath, then use essential oils daily like lavender, sage, lemon grass, and more.
  • Walk barefoot as often as you can! The feet have a lot of energy points within them that help to ground the energy. Being barefoot is a natural way to connect to nature which is a true connection to source. Visualize your energy going from your feet into the earth and source, like roots from a tree grounding into the earth.
  • Use affirmations of empowerment and truth. Self talk is key to success and how you treat yourself inwardly will reflect outwardly. Practice assertive, truthful, loving self talk.
  • Light candles and burn sage or holy wood to set the tone and clear the energy.

Practice grounding your energy today! Your success depends upon you and the awareness you bring to your energy and life. You can choose to be more grounded than any force acting against you.

 Take care of your energy and your well being.


Keep Shining xo

Naomi Mailhot - Author

Certified Life Coach from Rhodes Wellness College and a Spiritual Guide & Medium based in Sherwood Park, AB, Naomi offers a holistic approach encompassing wellness, business, personal, and spiritual coaching. She understands the power of small steps toward authenticity and overcoming fear; she is here to help guide you in rising to meet the SAGE within you.