4 Universal Truths To Remind You Of Your Power

The Universe has been creating its existence for millions of years, actually, I do not think we can begin to fully understand how long this beautiful Universe has been evolving and expanding. It is in this reflection that we can find a deeply moving respect for our existence.

Time and space, life and death, ebb and flow, galaxy to galaxy. It is humbling when you stop to think about it on a conscious level. 

The Universe is a miracle.

The Universe Moves Through Us.

We are miracles that have also been given the power to create miracles – and these are 4 Universal Truths that come with the miracles we are.

Karma Is The Cause & Effect Of Your Actions, Reactions, & Emotions

Karma energy comes directly from you and is a force created by your actions, reactions, thoughts and feelings. Some people think Karma’s a bitch and even categorize it as good and bad, but when we stop to think about it, our karma is neither good or bad, but the cause and effect of who we are and how we carry ourselves. We create karma, it does not follow us or come to us, it is within us. A flow of energy and intention, that if used in a lower vibrational way, can wreak havoc within us and around us. So how do you create a positive flow of karma especially if many things in the outside world are out of your control?

We must learn first how to control ourselves and then we imprint on life and our environment. Our choices must be taken responsibility for. Our overall mental and emotional health must be taken accountability for. We are the only ones who have the power to change our karma even if the outside force is still churning with lower karma. It all begins with our perceptions and the choices we make from them.

When you are face to face with someone else’s karma, that is when they are reacting, acting and making choices from a lower vibration, you have a choice how you will accept and allow this person into your life. Relationships carry a tremendous amount of karma, we often ignore the patterns and habits all because of the role someone has in our lives. The choice to ignore becomes our karma, and the cycle begins.

When you choose to be aware of your karmic energy, you will begin to control your actions, reactions, thoughts and emotions.

We are karmic energy waiting to happen, and as we choose to live life, so shall we choose to impose our karmic force.

Love Is Powerful

Love, given the chance, can heal, mend, and empower. It is neither emotion or action, instead, it is the energy we embody and how we move with our inner power and light.  Love is powerful.

Love is a force within us.

It has the capability of turning despair into momentum, and pain into healing. It can move mountains and free burdens. It has a foundation in kindness and compassion, and it can make you feel alive. Some may say love hurts, but from a different perspective, perhaps that love was an attachment or dependent upon the ego’s needs and expectations. Love does not hurt, fear does.

Natural love, or in better terms, Universal Love, freely flows and leaves no void in its presence. Love has the power to change this world and make it a better place, one human being at a time.

When we all embody this love, we cause a ripple effect that firsts starts in our own lives, and then trickles into the outer world. As we empower love energy we become stronger and capable of standing in the face of the worlds adversity.

We raise our consciousness with love, the desire to be more meaningful to our existence; to leave a valuable impression everywhere we go, When we remove our suit of armor we uncover the freedom of love.

Nothing Lasts Forever

In truth, nothing does last forever. Pain subsides, experiences evolve, people grow, life begins and ends. There is more to existence when you stop to revel in the beauty of it all. You will not be here forever; you will not experience what you are feeling forever; you will not have the same people forever.

This can be hard to swallow for we love to attach and hold on.

Maybe we need to see forever not as time or quantity, but as quality and infinite. We are given life to live it, we are given people to experience it with, we are given time to use it. Even death, we know one day it will come, but it is not final, it is the next chapter, so without fear, we should live it to the fullest into the stars.

You Are Cosmic

Born into this Universe, you are stardust in full form.  The Universe will meet you as deeply as you allow yourself this reflection and truth.  How clever the Universe is to create such beautiful beings, we exist somewhere between galaxies and milky ways.

The Universe is a miracle, therefore you are too. To live and breathe, to be conscious of this truth unites you as one with the infinite source. It does not have to be religious, or primitive, we can see ourselves just as we are, cosmic matter here and now- – no labels, just miracles.

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature. -Joseph Campbell

The goal of life is to be life. To remind yourself that you exist, and even in a world filled with survival modes and Ferris wheels, the miracle of you will never change unless you forget who you are.

Mother earth nurtures, we must nurture her too.

The galaxies breathe life, and we must breathe life too.

The cosmos create, and we must create in the same state of consciousness and enlightenment.

Naomi Mailhot - Author

Certified Life Coach from Rhodes Wellness College and a Spiritual Guide & Medium based in Sherwood Park, AB, Naomi offers a holistic approach encompassing wellness, business, personal, and spiritual coaching. She understands the power of small steps toward authenticity and overcoming fear; she is here to help guide you in rising to meet the SAGE within you.