11 Ways The Universe Is Guiding You

11 Ways The Universe Is Guiding You

I used to live life very differently, absorbed in the day to day and a bit ungrounded if I am being honest. I remember always feeling trapped in the moment instead of present in the unfolding. When I began my spiritual journey and started allowing myself the opportunities to stay present and intuitive, I began to see more of the reasons, meaning’s and connection’s each day was bringing to me.  You see, we are on autopilot most days, getting things done, taking care of “the routine”, dealing, or not dealing,  with the everyday life; the emotions and experiences we tend to get caught up in and then ultimately becoming disconnected from our source and inner guide. Becoming more consciously present each day helps us to receive more of that connection and guidance from the Universe. 

I know without a doubt now that there is more to life than just the day to day and I decided to allow it to become more present in my life. There absolutely is a divine force walking beside you asking you to consciously create your reality and live life intuitively. All you must do is turn the switch on and activate your higher self. The Universe has many ways that it sends you messages, some are signs and synchronicities, and others are lessons and experiences. Our job is to stay present and focused in the here and now, staying mindful and attuned to our intuitive senses. It can be can be a little difficult at first to decipher and learn to read the signs, not because they are not clear, but because your ego will get in the way until you teach yourself to trust, allow, and perceive life in a different way.

Signs and Messages are different for everyone; the  Universe brings the ones that you need specifically for you and your life. Believe that there is more to life than “this” and you will begin to see more.



One of the best ways the Universe steps in is with synchronicity! this can also be called divine time and divine intervention which is the right time and place you are brought to receive what you need on the journey of growth, evolution and wisdom. The Universe lines up the experiences and the signs you require to show you the way.

Have you ever thought about someone and then bumped into them or received a call from them in the same day? Perhaps you have happened upon a chance meeting or coincidence that has brought you a certain answer. You have been in the right place, right time at least once in your life, this is the power of Divine synchronicity and time.  You could be feeling down and you ask for a sign as to what you can do to heal and later on you are out and about and you just happen to hear a conversation between strangers about a great book they read regarding healing, you catch the title and can go and buy it now.

Synchronicity is a powerful revelation and indication that you are on the right path and whatever is happening is for your highest good. You don’t just happen upon something, someone or an experience by chance, and if you catch yourself saying “what a coincidence” or “this seems like it was meant for me” then you know you are being guided by a Universal force.

You must be aware of synchronicity, don’t dismiss anything that catches your attention and resonates with what you have been needing, asking for, or seeking direction on.


Stopped/Blocked or Delayed

I know if I am blocked from moving forward it is for good reason. Delays help us slow down and reevaluate where we are. When we get “stopped” or “blocked” it may have something to do with the Universe helping out behind the scenes, not matter where we are, we can adjust, allow and reset if needed. When I hit a blockade, I always reevaluate and then proceed. The same goes for delays, the Universe doesn’t want to hinder your progress, but what’s best for you isn’t always what you think it is. Delaying you is a blessing in disguise and often the delay brings you to what you needed in the first place. Sometimes delays can even be life altering such as being not receiving that job you desperately wanted only to discover you were moving and a whole new opportunity was coming you didn’t even know about.

Being stopped is a big one too, and you should truly acknowledge when you are shown to do so. The “stop” can be a deep feeling you have or a warning sign you have been given,  you may even experience a complete stop in what your doing. Trust in the process, everything happens for a reason.  Look to these moments as blessings in disguise, if you can raise your perception and see a bigger picture the blessings become more clear.

A stop is also an indication that you may be off track or, a certain person or situation isn’t what is best for you. In these moments, I usually find myself being taken down a new path.



Blessings In Disguise

I discussed a bit when it came to being stopped, blocked and delayed, but there is more to your blessings in disguise. Sometimes life happens and drastically alters your course of direction, what you once knew and held a comfort zone in is no longer, and you probably have been launched from your safety (or what you believed was safety) into the big wide open space of “what the heck just happened”. I have had many of these blessings happen to me, most of them ripped my whole world apart, and at the time I thought it was the end of life as I knew it. I can now look back and see it was the beginning of a rebirth in my life.

Don’t ever take the hurdles and alterations at face value, if life is being torn down, it is probably because it needs to be rebuilt.

Naomi M

For example:

Being cheated on can be a blessing in disguise, you will most likely see that there is a problem in your relationship that you need to be aware of. In times like these you need to remember your worth and perhaps go on a self-love journey.

Being fired is not the greatest, but it may be just what you needed to push harder and go after what you wanted. Chances are the job wasn’t fit for you in the long run. Later down the road you find a new job and see just why the old one didn’t work.

A blessing in disguise has no hard or easy way, it just is. Life is eternal, and through our hardships and our losses, we can begin to appreciate the beauty of our strength and love. You may not always like them but they are what they are, a blessing that changes your life in a very significant way.


Then there are signs and symbolism the Universe sends to you…

You could write a whole book about signs, there are so many. From numbers, music and quotes, to animals and even insects.

The thing about signs is that they are everyday “ordinary” things that can pass you by if you keep looking at them as ordinary.

A sign is something that calls to our intuition as having special significance or meaning to us in that moment or time in our life where we require guidance. Signs need your awareness and attention. If your going to ask for a sign, then you must be willing to be present each day. Be specific, if you want to know if you will move, ask for a white cat to cross your path, this cat can come in an image, an actual live cat, or however it needs to be shown to you. If you ask, you shall receive.

Here are many different types of signs you may receive.



Numbers are one way you receive signs; 1111, 1212, 888, 234, these are just a few sequences you can see. Repetitive numbers are also significant and are strong messages you should acknowledge. Numbers will catch your attention, especially if you are seeing them often, you should become aware of how numbers cross your path, it takes some learning, but there is much information out there regarding numbers.

Lately I have been seeing the number 111, it happens more than twice a week. I see it on the clock, license plates and even my grocery receipt. I know this number is sent to remind me of my power to manifest my thoughts into reality, so I should re-evaluate and make sure my thoughts are in an empowering frame of creation. This sign is just a reminder to step into my power.

Your numbers will catch your attention and you should look them up! For example, they say number 444 is an angel presence protecting and guiding you. I will take it further and say that 444 is a life path, you are required to take full responsibility for your well-being and balance. 444 shows up when there will be major changes happening or about to happen in your life making you aware that you are safe and protected and always divinely directed. I almost always have something happen in my life that tests my patience and balance when I see 444, so I know to keep my focus and watch my energy.

Look Up Angel Numbers HERE:http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.ca/p/index-numbers.html




A spirit animal can come to you in a dream, a picture or image you see, and in real life. Anytime one crosses your path you should look up the wisdom medicine it is bringing to you.

Bear, crow, owl, lion, hawk, elk, and so many more, they represent a message for you, and their message changes each time you see them as they are based on where you are in life in that moment of thought, emotions and experiences.

Insects, they too carry messages. I once had a grasshopper hop into my house and leap onto my hand. A week later I got asked to do an event which I didn’t know this woman, she was a client, but she reached out and it all fell into place. That woman is now one of my closest friends who I do events with every year and we talk everyday. The grasshopper is all about leaps of faith and taking chances, they also bring good fortune and success.

Butterflies, Dragonflies, and Ladybugs are carriers of divine light, they often will linger or hover around you when the divine wants to connect. It is also a sign your loved ones passed are near. When any insect acts strange and seems to be catching your attention out of the ordinary, know that you are on the right path and in sync with the spirit world.

Look Up Your Spirit Animal/Bird/Insect HERE: https://www.spirit-animals.com/



They can appear in the oddest places, I once found one in my shoe and there was no bird in sight. I find them at my door, when I stop at gas stations, and I even had a purple one fall in front of me in the mall! It doesn’t matter how they get there, what matters is they crossed your path and each color has its own message.

See the different meaning of feathers by clicking on the link https://naomimailhot.com/are-you-finding-feathers-here-is-what-it-could-mean-to-you/



Those ones you come across more than once in a matter of a few days. Or those quotes that remind you of something or someone, those sayings that speak to you and appear when you need that extra boost. I went to a garage sale once and found a beautiful quote picture that said “go towards your dreams for they are what you are made of” this was at a time in my life where I was starting all over. I look back and feel gratitude for that little extra encouragement. Pay attention to those little messages that come into your line of sight, they are made just for you.



A song that comes on the radio at the perfect time, or “happens” to play at significant moments in your life, is a divine message for you. Music can help heal, it can bring up hidden emotions; play on your heart; make you feel joy, and, it happens to be a powerful vibration that triggers your emotions and intuition.  There are also those songs that come on that seem to answer you, like if you ask if you are on the right path and a song plays that makes you “know” you are. Music can be played for you, have some fun with it and listen to the messages that are brought to you..

Sometimes I ask what song the Universe wants me to hear for a message and then i hit shuffle on my playlist! It always brings me a message I can relate to.



The divine universe uses your dreams as a direct way to communicate to your subconscious. They can carry symbolic messages, premonitions and healing on a subconscious level. You can learn to interpret your dreams by remembering everything you can about them and seeking the symbolism it is showing you. Meditations also helps you to open up your subconsciousness which will help you dream more lucid. Some dreams you will recall many things that may not even make sense, and some you will only remember bits and pieces. Others you may not recall anything but you will wake up with a feeling that something happened while you were asleep. It is important to get a good nights sleep and make the intention to dream. We all dream, just because you don’t remember doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.



Intuitive Nudges

Obviously, this is the number one way of divine communication, what you see, hear, feel and think within your higher self and your consciousness of connection. Your intuition is your inner compass and guide which the universe is always fully connected with. Learning to trust your inner voice and “knowing”, listen to the messages you hear or sense within you that seem to be connected to something bigger than you.



Pennies and dimes are the most common, they are signs your loved ones are near but they also carry messages. The dime is about your soul’s purpose, following passion and things coming full circle. The answer is usually a “yes” when you find a dime or it indicates that you are on the right path. A penny is to get your attention, haven’t you ever heard the saying “a penny for your thoughts”? when you find a penny it may indicate you need to look at your thoughts and feelings, finding balance and peace within yourself. A penny can also mean new beginnings and smoother roads ahead.  Anytime you find a coin it is surely because of divine time.

Finding Dimes? Click Here https://naomimailhot.com/have-you-been-finding-dimes-heres-what-it-could-mean/

We could list so many more! For now, get grounded, become present in your day and ask for a sign. You are always guided and supported by the Universe.

Naomi Mailhot - Author

Certified Life Coach from Rhodes Wellness College and a Spiritual Guide & Medium based in Sherwood Park, AB, Naomi offers a holistic approach encompassing wellness, business, personal, and spiritual coaching. She understands the power of small steps toward authenticity and overcoming fear; she is here to help guide you in rising to meet the SAGE within you.