10 Things To Quit To Improve the Quality Of Your Life

How Can You Improve the Quality of Your Life?

Life requires us to be responsible for not only our health and wellness but also the highest good of what we value and respect about life. It is not always easy to stand in your power, especially when  relationships, roles you play, mental and emotional blocks, and limiting beliefs/mindsets play on your heart and mind constantly. This is why it is important to look at things honestly and with love and understanding.

10 Things To Quit To Improve the Quality Of Your Life

1) Toxic People and Relationship

Be bold and don’t be afraid of being alone. It’s better to be independent than codependent. Learn to love yourself before you go trying to love anyone else, you won’t be able to commit to anyone in truth and love if you first can’t do it for yourself. We often give our power up easily, making compromise after compromise and wishing underneath it all, that things would be different. We choose the toxic people because it’s lonely standing in truth and it’s hard to detach from the fear of loss. We stay with toxicity only because of one reason; its excruciating to walk away when you feel as if your up against the world. Remember that you are supported and loved, and it first comes from you. Look at all your relationships and ask yourself if they are balanced, do not place blame or resentment, just acknowledge the truth. When it come to those relationships with individuals such as family or significant others, it is hard to just walk away and forget, but just because it is hard does not mean you should keep enabling any patterns, habits and actions that are not making the relationship better. You must realize that it doesn’t matter how long someone has been in your life, if it is not good for your mental, emotional and all around wellbeing, then do something about it. If talking to them or trying to fix it doesn’t work, make the choice to detach. It is important to remember to stop trying to fix people that wont fix themselves.

2) Negative Self Reflection

Talking, thinking, feeling; make sure you have your best interest at heart. “I hate you, your dumb, you can’t do nothing right, your ugly, fat, boring, not good enough, filled with mistakes, never going to get it done, lazy” the list can go on and on and I’m sure you have lots to say to yourself, but fully understand that these are all dis-empowering and dysfunctional for your foundation. Stop. Just stop the cycle, little by little with each day, use different words, deal with feelings in an understanding way, and empower yourself. The words “I am” are the most profound words you can start a sentence with, so choose wisely what comes after them with care and consideration to what you wish to attract in your life.

3) Proving A Point To Anyone But Yourself

Quit the debates, the arguments and the need to be right. Noones right, everyone just has their own opinions and most of the time each person feels they must defend something they believe in. It’s just the same as you believing in what you do the only difference is your frustration because someone else is on a different page. I have people in my life who have opinions and I respect their beliefs, I don’t challenge them with what I believe in because I know there’s no point, I need to accept and move on… I’ve got better things to do then debate and argue.  Walk away if you can’t stop yourself from reacting. I always tell myself that I can see everyone’s point of view for I know we all come from different places. Stand up for yourself, but don’t try to overpower others and make them what you believe in. Prove to yourself what you need to, react in truth not the need to control.

4) The Blame Game

We have all done it. We blame lack of time, lack of communication, no energy, no money, this person isn’t doing what we want, that person is at fault, I don’t have enough, I can’t find it, I don’t get it, I can’t have it, I am not worthy and what do you blame for all this?????… UGH!!!!! Can you just feel the negativity off this blame… Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take your responsibility and move on? No one is at fault, everyone is living from the level of consciousness they are at, this means that they may not have the same morals and values as you so either accept it and stay or accept it and move on. This goes for anything in our life, nothing is perfect, but you can make yourself be the best version you can.

Time management, change of perception, willingness to learn how to improve your life, and taking back your power; these are all within your means to do.

5) Messy Lifestyles

Quit your messy ways, if you have been using a crutch to cope with life like food, alcohol, drugs, relationships, or even hoarding then you need to look at your messy energy and why it is creating your environment.

Clean up! Be conscious of the messes you create in your life, why do you do it? What emotions do you hold onto that weigh you down? What don’t you like about your life and why?

If you can’t start with the emotional level because its too much, start to physically clean up the space around you so that you can think clearer and create room for healing emotions.

Quit any unhealthy habits, make a step by step plan. Clean out clutter, detoxify your body, reprogram your mind; just quit that behavior and pattern that is causing you grief. Seek out help, don’t let pride get the best of you and stop any pity parties your throwing.

6) Money Wasting

Money is usually the number one issue people have, so my advice is to stop having such an issue with it and become responsible for it. Don’t spend what you don’t have, budget better. If you make minimum wage and are with little money, I know it can be difficult, but try to turn your relationship with money into one of abundance; you do this by letting go of the feelings of lacking and encompassing the attitude of gratitude. You can also leave no stone unturned and do all you can for your life. I was one without money, I couldn’t afford my rent, and when I look back, I can see the error of my ways. I felt trapped and I hated that this world was built upon money. I hated that everything costs and its all a survival game. Although I still don’t like that our society is the way it is, I know I can not wallow in it. I retrained myself to see that my life was beautiful no matter what I had, and the more I could see this, the more abundant I became. Money isn’t your issue, your relationship with it is. I suggest learning the law of attraction, the attitude of gratitude, and the power of the universe in and its connection to you. I see money as energy, and I use my energy wisely and with intention.

7) The Hurt and Pain

Make the choice, it’s that simple. The hard part is following through on healing and making life more functional for you. You must dig deep into some of the past and hash out those feelings of betrayal, abandonment and whatever else you hold onto. You must do this because only you can. Quit believing you are broken and hard done by, learn to let go and accept an apology you will not get, forgive what your peace of mind requires for your wellbeing. Quit buying in to the notion that you are a product of your circumstances. Stuff happens, some horrific and debilitating, but you are stronger than that which tries to tear you apart.

8) Being A Follower

Let’s face it, in this world it can be hard not to try to fit in, its not what you know it’s who you know right?!! Well, regardless of this fact, don’t be a follower, be your own image and lead by example. It does not matter who is more popular, it matters only the person you choose to be.

9) Choosing Yourself Last

Put your needs first, make sure you are caring and nurturing your soul. No one can take care of you the way you can.

10) Letting Fear Control You

Fear can stop you from your success, you can be afraid of anything and everything if you allow yourself to be. Sometimes you must say NO to fear and push yourself as hard as you can. Yes, you want to protect yourself, but don’t be so closed off that you miss opportunities and chances. Regret doesn’t happen unless you stop yourself from taking a chance. Playing it safe isn’t always what is best, learn to trust your intuition and follow your heart and passions.

Naomi Mailhot - Author

Certified Life Coach from Rhodes Wellness College and a Spiritual Guide & Medium based in Sherwood Park, AB, Naomi offers a holistic approach encompassing wellness, business, personal, and spiritual coaching. She understands the power of small steps toward authenticity and overcoming fear; she is here to help guide you in rising to meet the SAGE within you.