SoulFull alignment workshop

Connect with your soul’s wisdom, set your SoulFull intentions, manifest your dreams, and rejuvenate your spirit while aligning with the universe.

Are You Ready For 

SoulFull Alignment?

Align & Activate

Your Success Pathways!

Say yes to your intuition and align with universal guidance, knowing you can trust your inner guide to reveal your soul’s power. Join Spiritual Guide and Medium, Naomi Mailhot, for a day filled with divine energy at the SoulFull Alignment Workshop!

What Awaits You:

  •  Deep soulful connection and alignment
  •  Enhanced intuition and self-awareness
  •  Release of stagnant energy and emotional rejuvenation
  •  Rekindled vitality and positivity
  • Messages and spiritual connections

Discover Your SoulFull Potential 

Soul Alignment Workshop

Discover the power of setting intentions aligned with your soul’s purpose, enabling you to manifest your desires and harmonize with the universe’s energy.

SoulFull Medicine Bag

Craft a unique medicine bag infused with powerful treasures, your intentions, and your unique essence. 

Soul Alignment Readings

Dive into your intuition and unlock hidden guidance through in-depth card readings. Learn the art of card reading and receive messages for your personal journey.

Energy Clearing

with Crystal Sound Bowls, Sage, and Breath Work: Immerse yourself in a transformative experience, releasing stress and rejuvenating your spirit through these powerful energy-clearing techniques.

Your Investment 

SoulFull Alignment

Soulful Transformation: Experience Enhanced Intuition, Emotional Rejuvenation, and Spiritual Connections



Check the EVENTS page for upcoming dates and locations, or Contact Naomi for more info.



From my workshops and courses offered


Had the most empowering and amazing day at the transformation workshop, love Naomi’s energy and ability to connect at such an authentic level is the only way or words I can find on how she truly empowers me to keep growing and healing in my personal spiritual journey.
I am a F#*#*#*# MIRACLE!

KJ Mulak


Naomi is an inspiration and encouraging speaker. With her words she gets you to a deeper level of thinking and feeling.

Dana Marie


Enjoyed my day at the  workshop with Naomi and a group of wonder women. Naomi is amazing, love her energy and I have walked away from this workshop feeling so empowered.

Jacqueline B