Sage Healing, Meditation and Sound Therapy


Take a healing journey and reset, recharge and renew your mind, body and soul.


Immerse yourself in the transformative session of Energy Renewal and Crystal Sound Bowl Healing.

Renew and recharge your energy through the harmonious blend of meditation, the purifying essence of Sage, and the resonating vibrations of crystal sound bowls. Clear and align your chakras as you embark on a healing journey that connects you to your inner power and promotes holistic well-being.

Experience the soothing vibrations of crystal sound bowls, fostering deep relaxation and rejuvenation while clearing energetic blockages. Engage in guided meditations to uncover insights crucial for your path, regardless of your meditation experience. Allow the combined power of Sage, meditation, and crystal sound bowls to guide you towards a harmonious and enlightened state.

This holistic healing session is designed to support emotional release, stress reduction, and spiritual connection, helping you tap into your personal growth and healing journey. Rediscover balance, clarity, and alignment as you embrace the transformative energies of Sage, meditation, and crystal sound bowls.

These sessions are recommended in person.


Breaking Free: Redefining Success on Your Terms

Breaking Free: Redefining Success on Your Terms

Through healing, embracing authenticity, and tuning into our inner wisdom, we unlock the power to transcend limitations and live a life that resonates with our true essence. Our intuition becomes a guiding light, leading us towards our purposeful existence and helping us co-create the life we truly desire

Intuitive Living: The Authentic Path

Intuitive Living: The Authentic Path

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