Intuition Unleashed Journey – The Mentorship Program and Course


Welcome to our transformative 8-week program designed to unlock your true potential and foster personal growth through the power of intuition. This immersive journey will guide you through various aspects of well-being, empowering you to cultivate emotional intelligence, make informed decisions, discover your authentic self, build meaningful relationships, prioritize wellness, and explore spiritual growth.

Ignite Your Inner Wisdom, Embrace Your Authentic Power, and Live a Life Aligned with Purpose and Possibility!

» 8 Weeks include One-on-One Workshops/Classes done in person or Zoom + 2 Intuitive Connection &  Reading Session Practices & Guided Meditations + Workbook and Intuition Unleashed Interactive Journal Downloads

The Course Highlights

  • Authenticity and Your Inner Guide: Focuses on understanding and embracing your authentic self and connecting with your inner guide for intuitive guidance.
  •   Soulful Healing Practices: Immerse yourself in soulful practices aligned with your inner guide, fostering profound healing and empowerment.
  • Transformational Growth: Experience a  journey of personal growth where the wisdom of your inner guide serves as a guiding light, paving the way for transformative change.
  • Intuitive Pathways: Explores various intuitive pathways, offering a broad exploration of how individuals can access and trust their intuition.
  • Learning Your Intuition’s Signals, Signs, and More: Understand the unique signals and signs that your intuition uses to communicate, helping participants interpret and respond to intuitive messages effectively.
  • Mediumship Development: Specifically focuses on developing mediumship skills, which may involve connecting with energies and the spirit of loved ones and guides but is more in-depth about receiving messages and connection.
  • Self-Awareness and Emotional Regulation: Addresses the importance of self-awareness in intuitive development and provides tools for emotional regulation to maintain a balanced and clear mindset.
  • Conscious and Intuitive Living: Explores how to integrate intuition into everyday life, making conscious choices based on intuitive insights.
  • Meditations and Intuition Practices: Incorporates meditation practices for relaxation, focus, and enhanced intuition. This may involve various meditation techniques tailored to intuitive development.
  • Learning Oracle Cards and Readings: Provides instruction on using Oracle cards for intuitive readings, including interpretation techniques and practical exercises.

Ready to unleash the power of your intuition, experience self-discovery, and embrace empowerment? Enroll now in Intuition Unleashed and let your inner guide illuminate the path to a more fulfilled and empowered life.


How to be in Alignment with Your Inner Power

How to be in Alignment with Your Inner Power

Aligning with your inner power is a journey of self-discovery and conscious choices. Live authentically, express your true self, and access consciousness in daily life to cultivate this connection.