Guidance & Insight Reading


Are you looking for direction and empowerment for the journey you are on right now? Do you seek to find understanding and clarity on your path? Or perhaps you want to feel more confident, clear and ready for the next chapter in life.

Tap into the messages, wisdom and direction that will offer enlightenment in those unclear or emotionally pressing areas of your life.


Let the Universe, your guides and Divine Wisdom be your guide

This in-depth spiritual and intutive reading is tailored to bring clarity and wisdom to your current path, providing insightful perspectives into the key areas of your life.

Whether your focus is on love, career, relationships, health, wellness, or personal growth, this session offers empowering guidance to help you confidently embrace the next part of your journey. The reading also includes Alignment Life coaching to enhance your confidence and empowerment, ensuring you are ready for the transformative journey ahead.

Reflect on your thoughts, set ambitious goals, and embrace self-care as integral parts of your transformation. This session is a supportive guide, helping you step into your power with clarity, wisdom, and a renewed sense of purpose. Experience a comprehensive and empowering reading that combines universal guidance with personalized coaching for a holistic approach to your life's journey.

*This session does not connect to a loved one passed.

$110 / 30 minutes 

$170 / 60 minutes 


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30 min Session, 60 min Session


How to be in Alignment with Your Inner Power

How to be in Alignment with Your Inner Power

Aligning with your inner power is a journey of self-discovery and conscious choices. Live authentically, express your true self, and access consciousness in daily life to cultivate this connection.