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Soul Alchemy

Awaken Your Divine Inner Guide and Transform Your Life

The 12 Week



From recalibrating beliefs to manifesting dreams—discover the magic of Soul Alchemy.

The Soul Alchemy Course and Transformational Journey are designed for deep soul connection and profound inner work.

♦ This course will guide you in recalibrating back into your power, allowing you to live a life of meaningful connection and soul purpose.

♦ Through activating your Divine Inner Guide, intuition, and higher consciousness, you will establish connections to the Universe and its guidance. 

Soul Alchemy is about integrating your authenticity, highest self, and soul desire to fully embody and live life in alignment with your true essence, creating the flow of your soul journey. This is soul rebirth and renewal. Transform your life on a soul level by breaking cycles and patterns, healing, empowering, and creating through your Divine Inner Guide.

Soul Alchemy

Tap into the deep desires of your soul, unlocking the passion and purpose that drive your life forward.

Live a life aligned with your essence by embracing your true self and cultivating genuine authenticity in all areas.

Develop heightened self-awareness, allowing you to regulate your emotions and connect deeply with your intuition.

Unleash the Divine Inner Guide

Discover and activate your Divine Inner Guide, opening pathways to the Universe, your guides, and Spirit.

 Gain profound insights into the alchemy of the soul and your unique path, empowering you to navigate your journey with clarity and confidence.

Reconnect with your life force energy, unleashing your intuition and inner mediumship channel. Enhance your ability to receive and interpret divine guidance, inspiring your soul’s desire and path.

Embody Full Essence

Learn to live in tune with your full essence. Embrace a life that reflects your true self, aligned with your highest potential and deepest intentions.

Transform trauma, shift mindsets, and rewrite beliefs and soul contracts. Utilize proven tools and practices to facilitate deep healing and personal growth.

Align with your visions and heart expansions.

Soul Alchemy Highlights

Personalized Spiritual Guidance

Receive one-on-one guidance from me,  Spiritual Guide & Medium Naomi Mailhot, an experienced coach and thought leader who understand the intricacies of the spiritual path. Together, we’ll create a personalized roadmap to align your journey with your unique aspirations and goals.


Transformations Through The Inner Guide

 Forge a powerful link to your intuition and inner power. This connection will be the cornerstone of your personal and spiritual growth, allowing for profound transformations. Explore and understand the pathways of intuition, energetics, and emotional codes. Gain deep insights into the Universe’s energy and spiritual connections, enhancing your ability to navigate your spiritual journey.

Soul Alchemy Growth

Learn to read oracle cards, listen to your inner guide, and interpret symbolism, intuitive messages, healing tools, soul aligned practices and more. 

Engage in meditation practices and teachings that will quiet your mind, connect you with your inner wisdom, and cultivate inner peace. You will also receive a downloadable intuition journal to track your progress and insights.

Embrace Your Soul Potential

This transformational journey is designed to empower you to embrace your soul potential and align with your soul’s purpose. Gain confidence in your spiritual gifts and step into your role as a conscious co-creator in the universe. Learn to listen to the inner callings from within and fully align with your divine energy and light.

An Awakening Journey of Rediscovery

Embark on an illuminating journey of self-discovery with Sage Rising Wellness & Life Coaching.

Delve into the Soul Alchemy experience, a powerful 12-week course that will guide you to reconnect with your Divine Inner Guide and unlock your true potential.

This transformative journey is designed to foster personal growth and empower you through the wisdom of your Divine Inner Guide.

Soul Alchemy Course

 Awakening the Divine Inner Guide Within

» 12 Weeks include: · One-on-One · 90 min Soul Coaching, Mentoring & Expansion sessions done in person or Zoom with Intuitive Connection · Reading Session Practices · Guided Meditations + Intuition Unleashed Interactive Journal Downloads

As you deepen your understanding of your divine essence, you’ll step into your soul power and align with your highest self, manifesting your deepest desires and intentions with full connection to your Divine Inner Guide.

In your First Journey, you’ll dive deep into:



    Embrace your true self and cultivate authenticity in all areas of your life, understanding the profound connection between authenticity and the Divine Inner Guide.



    Develop heightened awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and energy, allowing for greater intuitive insight and understanding.


    Intuitive Connection

    Clarify your beliefs, energy, vibrational alignment, and intuitive feelings, strengthening your connection to your inner guidance.


    Uncovering Intuitive Pathways

    Explore the pathways to your intuition, uncovering hidden insights and guidance within yourself.


    Consciousness Mediumship Channel

    Expanding your spiritual awareness, tap into the collective consciousness and connect with higher realms of wisdom and guidance. 


    Soul Power Manifestation

    Step into your innate power to manifest your desires and align with your highest potential, harnessing the energy of your soul.


    Divine Inner Guide

    Learn to decipher the language of your inner guide, interpret symbolism, and receive divine messages that guide you on your journey.


    Unleashing Soul Potential

    Recalibrate beliefs and mindsets, fusing with intuition and mediumship abilities and harnessing your soul power.


    Discovering Full Connection

    Connect with the highest self, Universe guides, and life force energy, alchemize energy, vibration, and soul alignment, and understand the power of soul healing, potential, and connection.


    Manifesting through Divine Inner Guide

    Utilize the Divine Inner Guide and energy for manifestation. Practices include learning to read oracle cards for activations and integrations, meditation for expansion and connection, and intuitive living practices.

    Throughout the course, you’ll engage in weekly 1:1 coaching sessions and activations tailored to your unique journey and needs. These personalized sessions will provide guidance, support, and accountability as you navigate your transformational journey.

    By the end of Journey 1, you’ll emerge with a profound sense of self-awareness, a deeper connection to your intuition, and the tools and practices needed to live a more empowered and aligned life.

    Course/Coaching Journey Details

    Duration: 12 Weeks


    For the entire journey, course materials and intuition Journal pdf Downlaod. 


    One-on-One Sessions,
    Guidance & Support


    Payment Options

    Payment Plans are available;
    please contact Naomi for more info.

    Soul Alchemy Alignment 

    The biggest success story from this course is me!

    At Sage Rising Wellness, I’ve experienced firsthand the profound transformation that comes from embracing the teachings and practices offered in this course. As a highly experienced Spiritual Guide & Medium + Alignment Coach, I’ve dedicated myself to fostering personal and spiritual growth on all levels. And through my own journey of overcoming immense challenges, including drug dependency, homelessness, trauma, pain, and suffering, I’ve emerged stronger, wiser, and more empowered than ever before.

    From rock bottom to where I stand today, I’ve rebuilt my life from the ground up, tapping into the wisdom of my inner guide and the boundless energy of the Universe. Through deep introspection, self-discovery, and inner healing, I’ve unleashed my true potential and manifested a life filled with soul purpose, divine connection and so much more.

    Now, I’m passionate about sharing my journey and empowering others to embark on their own path of transformation. With a heartfelt promise, I commit myself to guiding you through this journey, providing the support and guidance you need to thrive. Together, we’ll tap into the wisdom of your inner guide, unlock your true potential, and create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

    If you’re ready to rewrite your story and embrace the life you were meant to live, I invite you to join me on this transformative journey. Together, we’ll uncover the greatest success story of all – yours.

    Naomi Mailhot



    For Soul Alchemy


    In embarking on the transformative journey of the Soul Alchemy Course with Naomi, I was gently guided to delve deep into the recesses of my heart and confront the roots of my past traumas. Naomi’s compassionate guidance created a safe space for me to acknowledge, feel, and ultimately release these wounds, paving the way for a newfound sense of purpose in my life. Through this process, my intuition blossomed in ways I never thought possible, whispering truths and insights that have illuminated my path with newfound clarity and grace. Naomi’s presence is a beacon of pure warmth and light, her unwavering trust in the divine serving as a source of inspiration for me on this journey of self-discovery. Under Naomi’s guidance, I have learned to embrace and surrender to my own intuition and beliefs, viewing my life and the world through a fresh, transformative lens. Her innate gift of compassion shines through in every act of service, touching the lives of those she encounters with a profound sense of care and understanding. With deepest gratitude and an open heart, I extend my thanks to Naomi for her invaluable guidance and the profound impact she has had on my life.

    Traci M

    Soul Alchemy

    Spending the last 4 months with Naomi in Soul Alchemy has been an incredible journey.  It seemed when I felt the most stuck, Naomi would bring a clarity and lightness to it all. I found with her guidance, I allowed more of me to shine than ever before. The guided meditations were incredible and I was not only able to meet my guides but to receive clarity on many things. If you are ready to become more of you and open up to the wisdom of your inner guide, I highly recommend you join Naomi in Soul Alchemy.

    Linda A

    Soul Alchemy