Sage Rising Wellness Mentorship Program

Developing your intuition, mediumship and spiritual paths

Explore and Deepen

Your Spiritual Path


Connect with your higher self


Expand your awareness


Develop your abilities


Balance mind, body and spirit


Unlock and amplify your intuitive abilities.

Awaken Your Spiritual Journey

ignite your light

Gain insights, practices, and tools to enhance your spiritual growth and find alignment.

Are you ready to take your spiritual journey, intuition, and mediumship skills to new heights? Join our transformative Sage Rising Wellness Mentorship Program, where you’ll receive personalized guidance, support, and tools to embrace your true potential and tap into your innate spiritual gifts.

Awaken Your Spiritual Journey

Explore and deepen your spiritual path, connecting with your higher self, expanding your awareness, and navigating challenges along the way. Gain insights, practices, and tools to enhance your spiritual growth and find alignment.

Mediumship Development

Develop your mediumship abilities and connect with the spirit realm. Learn techniques for strengthening your connection, receiving messages from loved ones in spirit, and honoring the ethics and responsibilities of mediumship.

Intuition Enhancement

Unlock and amplify your intuitive abilities. Discover methods to tap into your inner knowing, trust your gut feelings, and make intuitive decisions. Develop your psychic senses and learn to interpret the subtle energies around you.

Join Sage Rising Wellness Mentorship Program with Naomi Mailhot

What To Expect From

The Mentorship Program

Embark on a Transformational Mentorship Program for Your Spiritual Journey, Intuition, and Mediumship

Highlights Of The Sage Rising Wellness Mentorship Program

Personalized Spiritual Guidance:

Receive one-on-one guidance from me,  Spiritual Guide & Medium Naomi mailhot, an expereinced mentor who understand the intricacies of the spiritual path. Together, we’ll create a personalized roadmap to align your journey with your unique aspirations and goals.

Unleash Your Intuition:

Explore the depths of your intuition and learn to trust your inner guidance. Through tailored exercises and intuitive development workshops, you’ll unlock your intuitive abilities and connect with your higher self.

Embrace Mediumship

Dive into the world of mediumship and enhance your ability to communicate with the spirit realm. My mentorship program provides a safe and supportive space to explore your mediumistic gifts and strengthen your connections.

Nurturing Spiritual Practices

Immerse yourself in nurturing spiritual practices, meditation, and mindfulness. These foundational tools will deepen your connection with your inner wisdom and create a strong foundation for your spiritual journey.

SoulFull Growth & Connection

Experience reflective exercises and transformative discussions that foster soulful growth. Embrace the power of self-awareness and learn to integrate spiritual insights into your daily life. Discover your pathways of growth and success.

Embrace Your True Potential

This mentorship program is designed to empower you to embrace your true potential and align with your soul’s purpose. Gain confidence in your spiritual gifts and step into your role as a conscious co-creator in the universe.

Invest In Yourself!

Enroll in the Sage Rising Wellness Mentorship Program.

Take the next step on your spiritual journey and unlock the magic that lies within you. This mentorship program offers an empowering space to develop intuition, mediumship, and a spiritual path.

Embrace the transformation that awaits you!

All Packages include One-on-One Sessions, Guidance and Support. Payment Plans Also Available. 

Awaken Package

Discover the magic within with our Awaken Package.

A transformative starter to open your intuition and connect with your spiritual path.

What the Awaken Package Offers:

  • Intuitive Guidance: Unlock the power of your intuition with personalized sessions.
  • Self-Exploration: Dive deep into your inner wisdom and discover your authentic self.
  • Mindfulness Practices: Embrace mindfulness to cultivate presence and awareness in your daily life.
  • Spiritual Connection: Connect with your spiritual essence and explore your unique spiritual path.
  • Embrace Transformation: Experience positive shifts and growth on your journey of awakening.
  • Empower Yourself: Gain tools and insights to navigate life with clarity and purpose.

Begin Your Awakening Journey Today!

4 Weeks include 4 (90-minute) Workshops/Classes + 1 Reading Practice and 1 Guided Meditation

Payment Plans Available 

4 Week Program


SoulFull Package

Immerse yourself in the Soulfull Package.

An in-depth mentorship to nurture and elevate your intuitive abilities and connect with your soul’s unique path.

What the Soulfull Package Offers:

  • Intuitive Mentorship: Receive personalized guidance from experienced mentors to deepen your intuitive skills.
  • Soul Connection: Explore the depths of your soul, aligning with your authentic purpose and inner wisdom.
  • Mindfulness Practices: Immerse yourself in mindfulness to foster spiritual awareness and presence.
  • Spiritual Exploration: Journey into spiritual realms and discover profound truths about yourself and the universe.
  • Energy & Healing: Learn powerful techniques to harmonize your energy and promote spiritual well-being.
  • Empower Your Soul: Embrace your unique gifts and talents, empowering you to manifest your soul’s desires.

Unlock Your Soul’s Potential!

 6 Weeks include 6 (90-minute) Workshops/Classes + 2 Reading Practices & 1 Guided Meditation

Payment Plans Available 

6 Week Program


Elevate Package

Ready to unlock your full potential and elevate every aspect of your being?

The Elevate Package offers a transformative and awe-inspiring journey, delving deep into all your abilities, intuitions, and spiritual path.

What the Elevate Package Includes:

  • Comprehensive Intuitive Exploration: Experience a holistic approach to developing and refining your intuitive abilities.
  • Soulful Guidance: Receive personalized mentoring to connect with your soul’s purpose and authentic self.
  • Mindfulness Immersion: Immerse yourself in mindfulness practices to cultivate inner peace and spiritual presence.
  • Spiritual Awakening: Embark on a profound journey of spiritual exploration and enlightenment.
  • Energy Mastery: Learn advanced techniques to harmonize and harness your energy for spiritual growth.
  • Empowerment & Manifestation: Embrace your innate power to manifest your dreams and live purposeful lives.

Elevate Your Existence!

8 weeks inlcudes 8 (90-minute) Workshops/Classes + 2 Reading Practices +  2 Guided Meditations + Oracle Deck

Payment Plans Available 

8 Week Program


Sage Rising Wellness is committed to spiritual growth!

At Sage Rising Wellness, Naomi is dedicated to fostering wellness and personal growth on all levels. That’s why the mentorship programs come with a heartfelt promise – the commitment to do the very best to facilitate and guide you throughout your journey.

Sage Rising Mentorship Promise:
– Dedicated Support: Naomi will be by your side, offering dedicated support and understanding throughout your growth process.

– Tailored Guidance: mentorship is tailored to your unique needs, empowering you with personalized strategies for holistic well-being.

– Safe & Nurturing Space: Feel at ease in a safe and nurturing environment where you can explore, learn, and evolve without judgment.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together! Choose Sage Rising Wellness for unwavering support and guidance on your path to a healthier and more fulfilling life.


Naomi Mailhot