Intuitive Pathways Workshop

Intuitive living through the mind, body and sprit

Are you looking to 

Live Life More Intuitively?


Gain a deeper understanding of your intuition and its unique language


Unlock your innate ability to receive intuitive guidance and trust your inner voice.


Make more aligned and conscious choices in all areas of your life.


Develop a stronger connection with your true self

Naomi Mailhot intuitively reading affirmation cards which she teaches in her Intuitive Pathways Workshop

Then it’s time to


Your Sacred Intuitive Power

The Intuitive Pathways Workshop is a transformative experience designed to help you tap into the wisdom of your intuition and navigate life with clarity and confidence.

This workshop combines interactive exercises, guided meditations, and insightful discussions to empower you to embrace your intuitive abilities fully.

Discover the sacred power within you and embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. This workshop combines intuitive development, mindfulness practices, nature healing, and yoga to help you tap into your inner wisdom and unleash your true potential.

Discover Your Inner Guidance, Navigate Life with Confidence


Gain insights into the nature of intuition and its profound impact on your life.


Learn techniques to access and strengthen your intuitive connections.


Cultivate the trust needed to embrace your intuitive insights confidently.


Use intuition as a tool for deep self-awareness and personal growth.


Identify and release obstacles that might hinder your intuitive flow.


Explore the synergy of mindfulness and intuition for heightened awareness.


Intuition Workshop

Discover the transformative nature of intuition and learn practical techniques to strengthen your intuitive connections. Embrace a life aligned with purpose and make choices with confidence.


Mindful Meditation

Embark on a self-discovery journey and unlock your intuition’s power through mindful meditation. With each breath, a new connection blooms.

Interactive Readings

Naomi will guide you through two readings in which you will gain insight, guidance and clarity. Feel the support and connection of your intuition and the Universe.

Sage & Sound Healing

Experience the soothing vibrations of crystal bowls and the sacred medicine of the sage. Allow these healings to wash over you, gently guiding you into deep relaxation and inner peace.

Your Investment 

Intuitive Pathways Workshop

Discover Your Inner Guidance, Navigate Life with Confidence

The Intuitive Pathways Workshop is an immersive and empowering experience designed to help you confidently embrace your intuitive abilities and navigate your life’s path. Led by  Naomi Mailhot, a seasoned spiritual intuitive guide and medium, this workshop combines interactive exercises, guided meditations, and insightful discussions to help you tap into the wellspring of wisdom within you.

This price includes a workshop, interactive readings and sound bowl activations.

Take the first step towards a heartfelt connection, schedule your session with Naomi and embrace the powerful healing energy that awaits.

Check the EVENTS page for upcoming dates and locations or Contact Naomi for more info.



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Had the most empowering and amazing day at the transformation workshop, love Naomi’s energy and ability to connect at such an authentic level is the only way or words I can find on how she truly empowers me to keep growing and healing in my personal spiritual journey.
I am a F#*#*#*# MIRACLE!

KJ Mulak


Naomi is an inspiration and encouraging speaker. With her words she gets you to a deeper level of thinking and feeling.

Dana Marie


Enjoyed my day at the  workshop with Naomi and a group of wonder women. Naomi is amazing, love her energy and I have walked away from this workshop feeling so empowered.

Jacqueline B