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Expanding Into Purpose

A Transformational Vision Quest 

Discover the path

To Living In Alignment With Purpose

Are you ready to activate into your soul purpose and expand into your potential? This 6-session deep and inspiring journey will guide you to harness your inner guide, access higher consciousness, and live a life deeply connected to your true self. Each session includes meditation practices, intuitive reading connections, energy activations, and vision quest mapping to support your transformation.

Expanding Into Purpose is about exploring your soul’s desire and cultivating the connection to your inherent worthiness to love yourself deeply. From this love, all things are manifested and created. Purpose is about the internal journey. By connecting with your divine inner guide, you uncover the unique language and energy that resonates with your soul. It is designed to raise your vibrations, cultivate powerful soul energy, and create a clear and direct impact on the life you desire. Through a series of enlightening sessions, you will connect with your higher self, activate and expand your energy, and map out your soul’s deepest desires through a vision quest.

Connect With The Ultimate Vision for Yourself

In the journey of personal growth and spiritual development, one of the most powerful steps you can take is tuning into your soul desire. This process allows you to connect with the deepest parts of yourself, uncovering your true aspirations and aligning with the vision of your highest self.

Deepen Your Energy & Vibration

Unlock the potential to transform your life by deepening your energy and vibration. Understanding the profound impact of energy on your experiences is key to aligning with the vision of your highest self. Through the Law of Resonance, you’ll discover how the Universe responds to the energy you project, shaping the reality around you. By raising your vibrational frequency, you can attract positive experiences and manifest your deepest desires.

Activating Your Intuitive Inner Guide

Cultivating a profound connection with your inner wisdom and higher self is essential for enhancing your intuition and spiritual insight. This connection allows you to tap into a source of guidance and clarity that goes beyond the ordinary, helping you navigate life with a deeper sense of purpose and understanding.

The Highlights

Get Clear and Aligned

Discover the true version of yourself that is ready to emerge as you identify and align with your authentic self. Through guided introspection and targeted exercises, you will clarify your goals, values, and passions, setting the foundation for personal  growth and fulfillment.


Activate Potential

Learn to harness and elevate your energy levels to enhance every aspect of your life. Understand the impact, dynamics and purpose that energy has on your life, especially your soul energy.  Begin a daily meditation practice that will enhance your vibration.

Transform Beliefs and Mindsets

What you believe shapes your reality and carries energy that expands from you into your life. Your beliefs have the power to limit or support you. Transform old belief patterns into ones that fully align with your highest self. By shifting your mindset, you will open up to new possibilities and create a reality that matches your true desires.

Vision Quest

A journey of soul-self-discovery and spiritual awakening, guiding you to uncover deeper aspects of who you are from within. It is a profound experience where you connect with your divine inner guide, seeking clarity, purpose, and alignment with your true self.

One On One Support & Coaching

Receive personalized guidance through one-on-one coaching sessions. These 90-minute sessions, available in person or via Zoom, are designed to provide deep, intuitive insights and support. Sessions include reading practices, guided meditations, and interactive journal exercises, all aimed at facilitating your growth and expansion. This individualized attention ensures that you receive the specific support you need to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

Expansion Practices and Meditations

Integrate holistic practices and meditations into your daily life to maintain alignment and balance. Learn to integrate a range of practices, from mindfulness and meditation techniques to practical exercises that promote an aligned lifestyle. These tools will help you stay connected to your inner guidance and maintain a sense of harmony and purpose in your everyday activities.

Expand Into Purpose Now!

Dont hold yourself back any longer, there is a version of you that has everything you need to live the life you connect with.

Unleash Your Potential through the Divine Iner Guide and more in this one on one expansion journey with Spiritual Guide, Medium and Aligned Living Coach Naomi Mailhot.

Course/Coaching Journey Details

Option 1 Duration: 6 sessions

$940   $799

Introductory price until August 1st 2024 – 90 min sessions – that inlcude readings, coaching, meditation, vision quests and downloadable intuition journal.

Option 2 Duration: 2hr- Activation Session


Not ready to invest in all 6 Sessions? Start with a 2-Hour Activation Session to give yourself a jumpstart to your journey.


One-on-One Sessions,
Guidance & Support


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Payment Plans are available;
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Soul Purpose

You Know The Way To Your Potential!

Starting from scratch with nothing, I embarked on a profound soul journey to rediscover my full essence and potential. Battling trauma and drug dependency, I was drowning in darkness. Determined to change, I connected deeply with the Universe and undertook intensive inner work—recalibrating my mindsets, beliefs, and habits. Through this soul work, I discovered the power within me and broke free from addiction and past pain.

By embracing the version of myself I always desired, I aligned with my true self and uncovered my purpose. I built a thriving coaching and wellness business from the ground up, generating a  succesful platform and solely supporting my family. Today, I empower others to overcome their challenges and achieve their dreams, guiding them to align with their true essence and unleash their soul potential. My journey is a testament to the power of transformation, universal connection, and resilience.

Naomi Mailhot



From my workshops and courses offered


Naomi is an amazing human being. I have carried on with her soul alignment coaching because it is changing my life. Each session I go in and she lets me get everything out of my head and she makes sense of things that are really hurting me and detrimental to my mental and physical well being. She is truly changing the way I am processing the negative things in my life that I can’t change. She has helped me so much. I am forever greatful. No one has ever been able to work with me like this. In a way that is changing my thought process. Naomi is a perfect example of an earth angel. Xoxo



Just got back from a class with Naomi and I feel, just, unreal!! Would highly recommend anything she does (my friend also had a psychic reading with her today and said the same thing) From the bottom of my heart: thank you Naomi!

Samantha V

Coaching & Classes

I don’t think I would ever be able to find the words to properly express all that I have walked away with from my session with Naomi.
She truly is a genuine, supportive, empathetic, non-judgemtal and encouraging individual, whom through her own healing journey and life path has helped me in ways I never thought possible. Her connection with you reaches the depth of your soul in an unfathomable way.
I truly believe which ever reason you are reaching out to Naomi, you will walk away from your time with her with far more than you could ever expect to.
Naomi if you are reading this, I yet again want to thank you for not only bringing an immense amount of peace into my life; yet for the first time in an extremely long time…I have ambition and drive to move forward in life
Amanda D