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Discover a transformative journey with our courses and workshops, seamlessly integrating mind, body, and spirit development. More than traditional education, Sage Rising programs feature a strong mentorship component, offering simplicity and profound transformation. Guided by Naomi, you’ll discover your true potential as the inner sage within you awakens, flowing gracefully. This holistic approach empowers you to step into your power, creating a profound and tangible impact on every level of your being. Join us in a world where education transcends boundaries, fostering a deep connection between personal growth and the simplicity of self-discovery.

Naomi Mailhot meditating - courses, workshops & mentorship programs

Are you ready to connect to your inner power & live through your authentic self?

Soul Alchemy Transformational Course

The Soul Alchemy Course and Transformational Journey are designed for deep soul connection and profound inner work.

SoulFull Alignment Workshop

Connect with your soul’s wisdom, set your SoulFull intentions, manifest your dreams, and rejuvenate your spirit while aligning with the universe.




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Naomi Mailhot offers Intuitive Life Coaching at Sage Rising Wellness
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